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The debate that attracts the most attention today Real Madrid is the one of the complicated relationship between Isco Alarcón Y Santiago Solari. Since the arrival of the Argentine coach to the bench of Santiago Bernabeu, the Malaga midfielder has been disappearing from the map little by little, to such an extent that their protagonism in each match has become an unknown.

Since he fell from the call in the visit to Olympic of Rome in ChampionsThe debate has been more evident than ever and continues to be the subject of discussion in the media and in the networks.

Specifically, Antón Meana has gone through the microphones of The spar to analyze how the situation is, on the eve of the white team facing the Betis at home next Sunday.

Complicated solution

“It does not seem to be reversed, it's difficult to solve because nobody thinks it's the culprit”.

Robust and irremovable decision

“Solari will not change until Isco gives him something else, he is based on a fair criterion in a strictly sporting sense and does not consider it not to play”.

[Más información: Ramos, sobre la relación Solari – Isco: “Situación complicada…”]




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