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“Complicated situation”, as defined Sergio Ramos what's Isco Y Solari this Thursday. And the captain is not wrong. In these moments it has become a total unknown what awaits the future of the player from Malaga. Once the option to leave in January has been ruled out, the rumors place their departure next summer. Never before has its continuity been questioned, but everything can happen.

Isco is determined to endure

Little has been heard from Isco about his situation in recent months. Only once and went to the step of the rumors that placed him outside the Madrid this winter. “I want to continue in Madrid and win more titles,” he said. A gesture that reassured the fans and sent him a statement of intent.

He promises to fight. He has lost what has been his place for several seasons. Know in your own skin what it is to fight for a position at Real Madrid and go for it again. Madrid is his home and he is reluctant to give up.

Isco goes to the field to replace Lucas Vázquez


Opportunities until summer

Isco barely counts for Solari. This is a reality that, in case anyone had doubts, it was seen in the eleven that the Argentine put in Cup, loaded of the youngest and without Isco. But casualties are accumulating around the attack. Against him Betis this weekend will not be Luke Vázquez Y Solari he runs out of alternatives.

In the short term you can present several opportunities as against Betis, in Copa del Rey … Now, you have to take advantage of them. In his last performances he has been crestfallen and emotionally touched. He has to take a step forward and impose himself on this situation that he is going through.

The future of the bench of Madrid

The differences between Solari and Isco are for many insurmountable. Do what Isco does and regardless of the needs of the team. This, therefore, would sting his future in white, but at this point of the season there is nothing assured for anyone, neither for Isco, nor for Solari.

The Argentine coach has the confidence of the club to continue until the end of the season, except hecatomb. He signed his contract until 2021, but in June he will take stock. Isco knows that the door is open to the arrival of a new trained and then he would sit down to talk to him to know his intentions.

Santiago Solari, on the bench of the Santiago Bernabéu

Santiago Solari, on the bench of the Santiago Bernabéu


Europe's greats love Isco

The situation of Isco has alerted everyone. Manchester City, Juventus, Chelsea, PSG… There are many clubs that are behind him and that plan to launch their networks in the summer to get their signing. There is even talk of figures, but all of them are around 80 million euros, a price that would fall short in the current market moment. Madrid will not 'give it away'.

The position of Madrid

From the club have been seen gestures that denote that is still relying on Isco. That approach of Florentine in the Christmas meal, the celebration of Ramos in the Club World Cup… He is a player who has been known for five seasons and knows what he can offer.

But, if nothing changes, would Real Madrid seek an exit? No doubt it would have to be for an attractive offer (100 million euros) and always under the condition that a replacement of guarantees, that is to say, a star, should come, see Hazard, Eriksen or even a surprise in the form of exchange like Dybala.

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