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Sometimes the life of soccer players and elite athletes is not as easy as it may seem. This is the case of Emmanuel Adebayor, that in an interview for Daily Mail He commented on the beginning of his career in Europe. Back in 2001, the Metz he noticed him and incorporated him into his subsidiary.

This movement also reported money and his family in Africa demanded impossible things: “All I wanted to do was help my family, but they put a lot of pressure on me.” When a family is poor, everyone is poor and there is a lot of solidarity but when someone gets something it's as if you owe them something to everyone. “

Adebayor and his mother

Adebayor and his mother


The Togolese came to consider life: “In Metz I was paid about 3000 pounds a month and my family asked me for a house that cost half a million.Also, the club was tired of me for my behavior.” One night I sat on my bed and I thought: 'What am I doing here? No one is happy with me, so why continue living? “he says.

Bought a lot of pills

After deciding, he began to prepare, but finally he did not: “There was a pharmacy under my apartment, I ordered enough packs of pills, so many that they did not want to sell them but I told them it was for a charity in Togo. I prepared everything. I was ready but, I called my best friend at midnight. I relax. He told me he had things to live for. 'You have the potential to change Africa. At that moment he managed to take away the idea. I thought that God must be keeping something good for me. “

After overcoming this chapter of his life, Adebayor became even more successful in his professional career. He played at a good level in France and highlighted in England. He also played for the Real Madrid. An unexpectedly successful career.

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