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The relationship between Iker Casillas Y Jose Mourinho It did not end in the best way possible when both were at Real Madrid. On the occasion of the day of Sant Jordi, the doorman published several books in his Instagram stories and one of them was about Portuguese.

The goalkeeper of Port has become one of the great protagonists in social networks. Always active in all of them, he recommended several books as usual every April 23 and one of them was 'Mourinho, by Jose Mourinho'.

The Portuguese coach left Casillas on the bench in his last season and the goalkeeper Móstoles ended up leaving Real Madrid one year after the departure of the former coach of Manchester United. He also mentioned another sports theme: 'Open', the memoirs of André Agassi.

Iker Casillas and his recommended book. Photo: Instagram (@ikercasillas)

Iker Casillas and his recommended book. Photo: Instagram (@ikercasillas)

The other recommended books were: 'Candela' by Julia Val, 'The Prophet' by Khalil Gibran, 'Stop Being You' by Jeo Dispenza, 'The Bullet Journal Method' by Ryder Carroll, 'My Story' by Michelle Obama , 'O ano de 1993, A viagem o elefante' by José Saramago, 'Carta de batalla por Tirant lo Blanc' by Mario Vargas Llosa, 'Destiny was this' by David Cantero', 'Sombras de Ningurán' by JM Otero Lastres and 'The Great Disappointment' by Javi Gómez.

(More information: Pogba will not be a summer soap opera for Real Madrid: a signing that is a matter of weeks)

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