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The future of James Rodriguez passes now through a crossroads. Bayern Munich will decide their future and if everything pointed to the Bavarian club would pay the 42 million euros of their purchase option, the last moves of Niko Kovac, coach of the German team, imply that the Colombian is not a major player for him.

The substitution of James against Borussia Dortmund raised many suspicions and Kovac has already made it clear that it was not a decision for physical reasons. James did not play the last match against Werner Bremen with an injury, but that did not influence him to stay on the bench two days before against Dortmund.

“We got James Rodriguez and Leon Goretzka against Dortmund because of technical issues, this decision brought us a 5-0, so you ask, 'Why should I change anything?'” He said of his decision in that match.

About the future of James prefers not to comment anything at the moment and refers to the end of the season to make a decision: “Everything that happens in the summer, we will talk and we will meet after the last game,” he said about it. What is certain, as Hoeness warned, is that Bayern will not pay 42 million euros for a player who will not be indisputable in the eleven.

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