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Keylor Navas it was a fixed for the Gold Cup of the ConcacafBut now there are doubts about whether he will be focused on the next commitment with his national team after he has placed himself at the center of the controversy. The tico will not continue in the Real Madrid. After winning three Champions League in a row, say goodbye because in the white club they trust Courtois to be a starter

Above all he has spoken Gustavo Matosas. The coach of the tico team has not hidden that there is some concern about the change of Navas team, as it tends to upset personal, family and also in concentration. Therefore, he hopes that everything is solved as soon as possible.

“There is concern, because normally when a player, in this case of Keylor that can get to change equipment, this generates a lot of disorder family, the move, the new adaptation to the country where it probably goes, and that sometimes makes the player is not 100% concentrated, or decides to have other priorities, such as in this case to install the family, things that are understandable and that is the great concern that I have as a coach, “said Matosas.

Keylor Navas, in a match in Costa Rica


Concerned about Keylor

“Expecting Keylor's future to decide immediately for me would be fantastic, and I think for him too, that could relieve us a lot in the coming season, let's wait for the time, I'm worried, but calm”, the coach has finished. Costa Rica. And it is expected that the soap opera starring Keylor Navas does not take long to solve.

Several options for the future have already sounded, although two paths take force, especially. On the one hand, Paris Saint-Germain or on the other Manchester United. In the latter case it would be as long as From Gea I ended up calling in The Parc des Princes.

(More information: Courtois, Lunin and Luca will be the goalkeepers of Real Madrid next season)

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