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Raúl de Tomás has reviewed his career from the lower categories of Real Madrid until the present moment, in which it can become part of the staff of the first white team.

One of the key moments was when he remembered his step Factory. The forward of the Vallecano Ray stressed how important the set of Concha Espina both professionally and personally.

The footballers live in a bubble

“This is the beauty of football, obviously it is not all real because you are not aware, especially in this quarry, you are not generally aware of what life is like because everything here is perfect. They have renewed, but when everything is going well, you live in a circle and you are not aware of the things that exist out there, Obviously, I, like a child who has played in the Real Madrid academy, are not aware of the other things , but it also makes you mature faster than anywhere else. “

The great work of Real Madrid with him

“I will always be grateful to Real Madrid because I am who I am thanks to them both professionally and personally, because they also gave me the opportunity to be an intern in a school for five years.” That changed my life, I had a difficult childhood, like many players, in your neighborhood and thanks to Madrid changed my life personally, I went from being in a bad place to another where I was protected by Madrid and that's what made me change, thanks to Madrid and my parents. “

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