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Since he left the Real Madrid the last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo has been on everyone's lips in the wake of his new sports life in Italy. He has recently granted an interview to ICON, of The country, on the occasion of the opening of its capital clinic in Madrid.

During the interview, the former Real Madrid player has reviewed his life, showing special affection for Spain and how he has faced his new stage in the Juventus. In addition, he has indicated that he likes to hear how they ask him to return to the white club.

Real Madrid

“I go with my head up, I know that people love me, they know that I have given a lot to the club and this has also given me a lot. On the street they say to me: “Cris, come home, this house is always yours”. I like to hear that


“People are always judging:”It's finished now. He is 33, 34 or 35 years old, I should leave him. “And you want to surprise people: here is the bug

External pressure

They see me as a person who can never have a problem, can never be sad, you can never have worries. People identify having no problems, success, with money. How can you be sad or have a Christian downfall if you have millions? You must understand that people do not think like you, have not lived certain moments, do not have a culture greater than what they are allowed. But I understand it. I know that people are with a shotgun waiting for Cris to miss a penalty, or to fail in a crucial match. But it is part of life and I must be prepared. I've been prepared for many years now. ”


The Spaniards treated me well. I wanted to give them some jobs, regardless of having the problems I have had with the Treasury, because that I can not forget or hide, my life is an open book “.


“You must be humble, learn that you do not know everything, if you're smart, you get little things that make you better as an athlete. In Juve I adapted perfectly. They saw that I am not a vendetta. He is a Christian and he is what he is because he takes care of himself. It is one thing to speak and another to do. Why did I win five gold balls and five champions? “

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