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Toni Kroos has signed with the Real Madrid until 2023. The German midfielder extends his contract four more seasons after joining in 2014. Zidane and the club bet on the continuity of a player that this course has been questioned for his performance on the pitch. The '8' of Madrid appeared at a press conference after expanding its relationship with the entity Chamartín.

Toni Kroos: “If Zidane had doubted me, I would not be here”

His titles in Madrid

“Today is a very happy day for me, I've won 12 titles in recent years, but I'm sure we'll have many more in the four years to come.”

Kroos and Madrid

“Real Madrid and I have a very special relationship, they have always trusted me and I believe that I have helped them in the victories, now we are going together for more titles.”

He has spoken with Zidane

“I'm not going to tell you what Zidane told me, he said it to me and not to you, if Zidane had doubts about my future, we would not be here.”

The team season

“This year, no player has reached his top level as other years, when this happens it is very difficult to have successes, we have to say that we are human and it is normal after three years of Champions followed, that was impossible. It is difficult to do this for fifteen years, but we are already motivated for next year, the club will change things “.

The support of the fans

“We're going to try to get to the top level again, like before this season, I can not say we're going to win everything, because I do not know, but we're going to try, we need the fans, we've celebrated a lot together. to the Bernabéu. “

The bombing of Mbappé

“I like Mbappé as a player, that question is not for me, I can not buy it, I have a good contract, but I can not buy it, that's for the club.”

Your position and the signings that come

“He knows me very well and he knows where I can play, he can always vary a bit because of our lineup, the opponent … In 90% of games with Zidane I played '8' on the left and I think that's my position perfect. “

Kroos renews with Real Madrid

An agreement between all parties

“We agree with all the parties (club, Zidane and him), I am happy and they are with me, I have a good relationship with Zizou and the club.”

A disappointing season

“The season has been a little disappointing and more if you are used to winning, otherwise it would be a normal season, for me it is normal, this can happen, when I see the Champions League semifinals, the English clubs that have given everything to get there There you can see how difficult it is to win this cup and doing it three times is special, then a year that is not good, I do not like it, but nothing can be done. the holidays, it's preparing for next season, I'm happy to keep improving with the club. “

The possible signing of Pogba

“We can talk about many names, I like this player too, but nothing changes for me, I've been fighting for my position for five years and when I play at my level I think I have no problems.”

Does self-criticism

“I have said many times that I am the first one who has not played at his level, I have no problems in recognizing him, I am included in all of them, I am very keen to improve my level, I have played a top level four years before. I have not played as bad as you want to see sometimes, I'm still the same player, I'm 29 years old and three or four more at the top. “

His game in Madrid

“I'm a team player, I play to improve my teammates, not for me, my game is to help the team control the game, which is the most important thing.” This season worked a little less, but it was a team problem. so many players do not play at their level … “.

The last renewal of his career?

“If with 29 we renew for four years, the idea is, for the moment, to end here until the end.” My idea has not changed, my feelings are that with 38 I will not keep playing, but I will decide, this will be my last long renewal ” .

He never had doubts to follow

“I do not know how many changes will be made, I can only say that I have not doubted my future, a month ago the AS said that I wanted to leave and I can say that I want to be here, this is a confirmation. .

Zidane told him it will be important

“I do not know who will come out and who will come in. I've talked to Zidane and I know what his idea is, but I can not say it here, I'm going to be important, I can not say more.”

A lack of hunger

“It's a bit difficult, I see how we train, how we prepare … We are always very motivated, there were games in which the feeling was not that, I understand when they say we are not hungry, we have also played good matches, but it was very difficult change things when they went wrong and matches. “

The importance of La Liga

“What has been lacking in La Liga is perseverance, what we have done very well is to be on top when we have to be: in Champions, at home, in the finals … Doing 38 games is more difficult and we have to improve a lot. This competition is day to day and there is better in La Liga, we only won one in the last five years. “

He never thought about leaving

“No, because at that time my head does not say 'I'm leaving', it says 'I want to improve.' It has never been in my head to get out of here and the club's opinion was the same, when I leave I'll win.”

(More information: Kroos renews with Real Madrid until 2023)



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