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The Eintracht Frankfurt and the Chelsea tied 1 in the first leg of the semifinals of the Europa League, a duel in which he made news Eden Hazard from the previous one, since Sarri He left him on the starting bench. Many are those who see the player outside the London team and is that the rumors that place him in the Real Madrid they have intensified in recent weeks and, as EL BERNABÉU has learned, will be the first signing in summer.

An authoritative voice at Chelsea as the ex-football player Glenn Hoddle He has talked about Sarri's decision to leave him out of the starting line-up. “Really, for my life, I can not understand why you would not align your best player in a semifinal,” the now-trainer began. He then went on to say that “you will only discover how important Hazard is after he has left.”

Hoddle has ensured that Eden Hazard is “a good player” and that without the '10', Chelsea was an ordinary team against Eintracht Frankfurt. “Let's be honest without him in the first part were ordinary,” said the Briton in statements to BT Sport. “What Hazard does brilliantly is that you can give him the ball and he will get the three-player mark,” he said later.

Hazard, on the Chelsea bench

Hazard, on the Chelsea bench


Real Madrid will make Hazard better

Glenn Hoddle has pointed out that the Belgian international “makes goals and gives them, it is a danger”. “He has everything and they will miss him. In fact, I think it could be even better as '10' with two midfielders behind him. I could get it if he goes to Real Madrid, “said the former Chelsea player, who also seems to resign himself to the farewell of Hazard to Stamford Bridge. The countdown to see you in white has begun.

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