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Since Thibaut Courtois will land on Real Madrid last summer, rumors began to circulate around the future of a goal that had to Keylor Navas as owner In the new project that Zinedine Zidane will lead next summer, the Belgian will be the goalkeeper of the team, something that forces Navas to accept the position of substitute or to seek a way out of the club.

In this line from England point out that the Costa Rican goalkeeper could be very close to the Premier League. This is what he says The Telegraph, emphasizing that Keylor Navas would have offered Manchester United facing the next season. The English would have the goalkeeper as an option to replace a De Gea who has not yet renewed.

From the aforementioned medium, they speculate that From Gea ends contract in 2020 and if he packs up to Paris, as has been said in recent weeks, Keylor would win whole for the goal of Old Trafford facing next summer.

Keylor came to Real Madrid in 2014 from Levante. The whites paid the 10 million euro rescission clause in their contract. Since then he has played a total of 161 games with the white elastic.

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