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Eden Hazard has gone a step further in his sung output of Chelsea at the end of the season. The Belgian footballer, after the last day of the Premier League, has updated the current situation of its future and has made it clear that it has already made a decision. Your signing for the Real Madrid It is an open secret and, although the player does not confirm it, he hints that he will not continue in the London team.

“I made a decision,” said Hazard when asked after drawing 0-0 against Leicester. “I'm still waiting, as you're waiting and as fans are waiting,” he replied to the reporter without saying the name of the team he will play next season.

On whether he would have liked his future to have been clarified earlier, he replied: “Yes, I wanted that, but it has not happened, I told the club (the decision) a couple of weeks ago”, revealing that in the club They know he will not follow the next course, as he also hinted Sarri at a press conference.

Eden Hazard says goodbye to Chelsea fans


Nothing has stopped him in his desire to play in Madrid and leave Chelsea, not even that the English team will play the next Champions after being among the first four of the table: “No, it has not mattered. That's it, I'm still waiting, “he said.

Hazard does not dare to take his departure and thinks about what will be his last game with Chelsea, the final of the Europa League against Arsenal: “We have a final to play and then I will see. It's all about me, when you're on the field, you try to be focused on what's going on, that's all, when I'm on the field, I just try to do my best, I do not think about my situation or the situation of the clubs I only try to win, “he concluded.

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