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The future of Luka Jovic has been dyed incognito when everything seemed done by the Real Madrid. The Serbian striker is chosen by the white team to strengthen his front for the next season, but the high economic pretensions of Eintracht Frankfurt They have paralyzed the negotiations. The German club would ask between 70 and 100 million euros.

Madrid is not willing to reach the figures required by Eintracht for its star, although everything points to a final agreement and its future will be linked to the white team for the next few years. The same does not stop Jovic seeing that he has surprised in Germany with some statements about his future.

“On a physical level, the Bundesliga is very demanding, but after the matches against Chelsea or Inter Milan, I personally had the feeling that I could feel even better in the Premier League or in the Serie A. they play, the teams there are more convenient for me, “he said to what many have been winking about his departure.

Jovic arrives in China with the Eintracht expedition. Photo: Twitter (@Eintracht)

Madrid hope to close his signing

Still, Madrid has reason to be calm and think that these statements have no background about their future. The player wants to wear white and the negotiations are advanced for several weeks with a club that, although now asks for more money, keeps a good relationship with the entity merengue. The first days of the month of June can be keys to close your signing.

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