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The goalkeeping coach of Leganés has spoken in Radio BRAND on Lunin, which has had at his command this season and has pleasantly surprised. About him he has said that he is a complete goalkeeper and that he has the conditions to succeed. Once you minimize your mistakes, you will be ready even to play in a 'Champions team'.

“He's a very complete goalkeeper, very sober, he has very good physical conditions, I've had a pleasant surprise with him, he's a kid who only thinks about working, he has a well-furnished head, I predict a great future, either in Real Madrid or elsewhere, the conditions have them, “he assured Joseba Ituarte.

The coach has indicated that he sees him “prepared”, but that he is talking about a “Real Madrid”. In addition, he pointed out that Lunin “is delighted in Leganés”, but that it is the white team that has “the last word”. “He is delighted in Leganés, but Madrid has the last word, of course he is ready to play at the highest level in the First Division, I see a goalkeeper with a great future, but Real Madrid's goal is not anybody. errors is for a big one, for a team that plays the Champions, “he said.

Lunin training with the Leganés Photo: Twitter (@lunin_oficial)

Joseba Ituarte has also responded to what goalkeepers the young Ukrainian goalkeeper reminds him: “I like him with Illgner, a sober goalkeeper, for sure, a Petr Cech in the English league or an Oblak in the Spanish league, a very good goalkeeper”. “I'm prepared to replace any goalkeeper in the Spanish league, but what else does Real Madrid have in mind? In Real Madrid nobody gives anything,” he said.

Luca vs. Lunin

Lunin and Luca Zidane they will be the second and third goalkeepers, respectively, of Thibaut Courtois the next season. Ituarte has given the pros of each one: “I have not followed Luca very much, but I can say that they are two different goalkeepers, Lunin is more sober, safer in the passing game … I see Luca more dynamic, faster” .

(More information: Courtois, Lunin and Luca will be the goalkeepers of Real Madrid, just as El Bernabéu put forward)



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