Hazard, at Chelsea - Eintracht Frankfurt of the Europa League

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Eden Hazard is about to become one of the great stars of the Real Madrid of the next season. The Belgian footballer has made it clear on more than one occasion that his dream is to play in the Santiago Bernabeu, something that finally will be fulfilled after much effort and much sacrifice made in the ranks of the Chelsea.

Precisely about fulfilling dreams and about the ability to excel has spoken Hazard in an interview for the magazine Planet Health. After his contribution to Make-A-Wish, an association whose goal is to fulfill the dreams of sick children, the Belgian has emphasized that football is a wonderful tool of fun and that it serves to spend hours without thinking about your problems.

In the first place, Eden talked about his beginnings and that, when he started playing football as a child, he did not think about reaching the elite: “When I was a kid, Being a soccer player was more of a passion than a dream. When I was little you do not have to think about playing at a professional level; just be with your friends and have fun. Because my brothers and I played at all times. “

Hazard, at Chelsea – Eintracht Frankfurt of the Europa League


Another factor to take into account is the high capacity that each one has to never give up and keep fighting for dreams until the end, because after all, it is the objective pursued: “Dreams are what allow you To advance, my personal dream is to become the best soccer player in the world. For that I play and I train. “

About the little ones, Hazard sent an emotional message encouraging them to have a good time every time they play with the ball and make the most of every moment, without thinking about what the future will hold: “The only advice I can give is that have fun in the countryside and do not think about becoming professionals. “

Being a reference is not easy

He himself set an example, because he wants to be a reference and not only for his followers as a footballer, but also for his children and their closest friends: “I I think more about the consequences of my actions, the example I want to give my children and I worry more about causes that affect children. “

Finally, Hazard has made it clear that the sensation of seeing how everything has gone well and that you can finally enjoy the dream as a child, is something that is priceless: “Seeing the smile of these children when you fulfill one of their wishes is great. If with a few minutes we can get a smile, it's worth it. “

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