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Last April, the Youth C He was proclaimed champion of his league with five games to go until the end of the tournament. A new success for a Manu Fernández that got his second championship as a coach in Factory. The technician left the Getafe to begin training in the white house and in his first two campaigns at the controls of the subsidiary of the Real Madrid he has managed to sing the alirón. But there were still goals to achieve this campaign.

The Juvenil C has signed a great win in the penultimate day of the Group I of the 1st Autonomic Division. 0-9 has endorsed the team of Manu Fernández Seven Peaks this Wednesday, with poker Andri included, all before putting the finishing touch to the 2018/2019 season with the match against the Conception -party to be held on the first weekend of June in Valdebebas

With 33 days played, Juvenil C has scored 92 points thanks to its 30 wins, two draws and just one defeat. At this point of the course, the pupils of Manu Fernández have beaten the golaverage record thanks to those nine goals signed against the Siete Picos. The previous brand dated from the year 2012.

Manu Fernández, maintained by the players of Juvenil C of Real Madrid

A fact like this puts in merit the work of each and every one of the players of the merengue team, since it implies the good work of each one of the lines: both the goalkeeper, as well as the defenders, midfielders and strikers. 148 goals in favor and 25 against is the balance of a Juvenil C that is carrying out a great campaign, but that can still achieve one more milestone.

A for the goal-scorer record

On the last day of the Group I championship of the 1st Regional Division, against Concepcion, Manu Fernández's Juvenil C can beat the scoring mark if he sees the goal twice. With those 150 goals in 2018/2019 he would beat a record and put the icing on the cake.

With an average of 4.5 goals per game this season, everything points to the white blackbirds getting this record and closing the season with a flourish. And this is thanks to a very well formed block. From the goal with Luke, the son of Cañizares, to the strikers as Llario Y Andri, son of the former Barcelona Gudjhonsen, going through the Aranda, Carrillo, Rafa, Peter, Pau and company.

(More information: The Juvenil C of Manu Fernández, champion of a record League)



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