<pre>Neymar abstracts from Tuchel and PSG, while meditating whether to sign for Real Madrid

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The last weeks in the PSG They are notoriously convulsive. Since Mbappé He launched his personal charade to the French club, demanding more responsibility for next year, the tension has been increased between the Parisian table and its two big stars. And is that Neymar I would not be comfortable in France either.

Mbappé's request would directly affect the Brazilian in his PSG hierarchy. If the French club decided to fulfill the desires, economic and sporting, of the French star, the departure of Neymar could be closer. An operation for which Madrid is still waiting, with the desire to try to put the icing on his new project with one of the two players.

In Concha Espina they were optimistic, although cautious, about the future of Neymar in Paris, since it seemed more feasible that the PSG, to sell to one of the two players, decided to dispense with the Brazilian. The French condition of Mbappé, together with its youth and projection, could make the Catari balance fall.

Now Neymar has taken the opportunity to disconnect from all the vortex of rumors surrounding his figure in Paris. The footballer is concentrated with his selection, a moment that he himself has declared that he wanted: “I was crazy about joining the team and the national team, I am 100% concentrated (in the Copa America) and very happy”.

The player has joined Brazil three days in advance to prepare the Copa America. The players selected by Tite were expected on Tuesday, but Neymar has arrived earlier than expected. Something that has also generated a new conflict in Paris, this time with his coach.

Tomas Tuchel appeared at a press conference and did not leave a puppet with a head regarding his stars. This time, as has happened on other occasions with Mbappé, the center of criticism was Neymar. “For my part I did not have permission to leave, it's not sporting, it's not up to me to make the decision to release him or not,” said the PSG technician.

Some statements that complicate even more about the continuity of the Brazilian in France. As if that were not enough, yesterday the PSG announced that Tuchel will remain in Paris until 2021. This news could be the definitive impulse for Neymar to put an end to his adventure in French football.

Now Neymar will have a time of disconnection far from France, Paris, PSG and his coach. A key moment to think cold about the future and decide if you want to stop at Real Madrid next season. The whites want the Brazilian as the flagship of the new project and it would be in their power to decide to change the Ligue One for the Santander League.

Meanwhile Real Madrid continues to plan next season, reinforcing other areas such as defense or midfield. The white club wants to make a galactic team to re-assault all the titles and, to land in Concha Espina, Neymar could join possible white signings like Hazard, Pogba, Eriksen, Van de Beek or Mendy.

The great goal of Zidane for the next season is to return to make a competitive project to regain stability in the club itself. A squad that mixes youth and veteran, that creates the perfect symbiosis to make Real Madrid have the opportunity to return to the path of triumph.

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