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The Brazilian July Baptista considers that if his compatriot Neymar sign for the Real Madrid I would have “more options to fight for the Golden Ball”. Baptista, that he conquered The league with Real Madrid in 2008, he sees the possible signing of Neymar by the Real Madrid club as the best option that the forward of the PSG, as assured to EFE.

Neymar junior. Photo: Instagram (@neymarjr)

“A lot of people would like to see Neymar again in Spain, for the football that he has, the football of Spain favors him a lot and being in a Real Madrid would give him more options to fight for the Golden Ball,” he said. Baptista, that the coach's course of the Spanish Federation in the City of Soccer of Las Rozas, affirms that the disappointing season of the white club has been produced by an excessive demand after a victorious cycle.

“There is a transition, but people, when they are in a very big club like Real Madrid, are very used to winning.The fact of winning, winning, winning, takes away other things that, when you lose, makes everyone In the end, it is a disaster, we have to analyze very cold things, because in the end there are other good teams that play and it is impossible to win five or six consecutive years, “he said.

“Madrid managed to win three consecutive Championships, which is something nobody has ever achieved in history, and in the end that what generates you is a very big competition and mental stress, because the players have to be throughout that period of time very concentrated and full in the competition, “he explained.

Real Madrid players say goodbye to Santiago Bernabéu

Real Madrid players say goodbye to Santiago Bernabéu


“The players have not let their guard down, but the body calls for rest too, because the players of a big team play with their national team, we are talking about three competitions plus the national team matches. the selection, because you only have 20 days to rest your body and sometimes you do not get well for the next season because you do not give the body time to recover properly. “

End of cycle?

“To that, the transition that has taken place has been joined, Zidane left, another coach came and tried to put some things, but the results did not accompany him and we already know what Madrid is like, the results have to go with the technical side. You play well, you have to win and score points.When that does not happen, there is movement.That is why Solari came with other ideas, which has been almost until the end of the season but has not managed to keep up and, in the end, Zidane has come to try to structure everything for the next season according to their ideas, “he added.

Nevertheless, Baptista he does not believe that he will attend an end of the cycle at Real Madrid. “The players are always reinventing themselves, they move for challenges and, although they won two or three Champions, those who want to win more, I imagine they are excited to make a competitive season,” he said.

Copa del Rey 2019

And regarding the end of the Copa del Rey, with which the season will end, the Brazilian international gives a slight favoritism to Barcelona, but warns that it is a great opportunity for the Valencia. “Barcelona, ​​as they are accustomed to playing many finals, have a small advantage over Valencia, but the fact of being out of the Champions League final gives Valencia a chance to fight for the game. Valencia will not be easy, “he said.

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