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The world of sports was dismayed after the news of the infarction of Iker Casillas during the training of Port of this Wednesday, May 1st. The reactions were immediate and from the Real Madrid an official statement was issued immediately to show his love, strength and support to the goalkeeper who defended the goal of the white team for 16 seasons.

Real Madrid press release

“Real Madrid C. F. wants to transmit all their support to their beloved captain Iker Casillas.

Iker Casillas has taught us throughout his professional career to overcome the most incredible challenges to enhance the glory of our club. It has taught us that giving up does not fit into our philosophy of life and has shown us countless times that being stronger the harder the challenge is, the way to achieve victory.

Real Madrid C. F. and Real Madrid want to see their eternal captain recovered as soon as possible and send him all the courage of the world. “

Iker Casillas with the Real Madrid jersey

Iker Casillas with the Real Madrid jersey

One of the great captains

Raul or Sergio Ramos They are two of the great captains that Real Madrid has had in recent decades, but they are joined by a Casillas who now lives the most complicated moment of his life.

The goalkeeper won 19 titles during his time in the Concha Espina club, including three Champions League, five Suspenders and two Copas del Rey. 725 parties dressed in white that had a bittersweet farewell. In the Selection He was part of the best generation of Spain, getting to raise a world and two Euro Cups.

Idol for Real Madrid

Despite living one of the most turbulent stages, in which the fans were divided at times in different sectors, Iker Casillas continues to be an idol for Real Madrid, who hopes to see him back in the Santiago Bernabeu to be honored. Tribute that he did not have in his farewell to the club after his signing for Porto because he himself asked that nothing be done. From Real Madrid fulfilled the wishes of the canterano and now transmit “all their support to your beloved captain.”

(More information – From Sergio Ramos to Rafa Nadal: all the signs of affection and support for Casillas after his heart attack)

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