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Factory has highlighted one more year for the success of their teams in their respective leagues. One of the technicians that has excelled in this season 2018/2019 is Xabi Alonso. The Tolosarra took out the coach's card last year and began his stage in the benches in the Infant A of the Real Madrid. It is expected to have a promotion during the summer, just as Raul will take the reins of Castile, but for the moment he's already heard siren songs from a very important club in his life.

From the Real society Xabi Alonso is tempted to leave the white house and go back to Saint Sebastian. It would not be to take the reins of the first team immediately, but the plan is to take over the subsidiary that plays in the Second Division B or the one that militates in Third. News of Gipuzkoa goes further and talks about a summit in Hondarribia.

Aperribay, leader of the Royal Society, met with Roberto Olabe -Director of Soccer- and with Xabi Alonso. There they asked the now coach of the subsidiary Merengue for their intentions for the future. The tolosarra is clear that he wants to continue linked to the world of football, but not only that, but he wants to go up on the benches.

Xabi Alonso during a training of Children A. Photo: Instagram. (@Xabi Alonso)

Xabi Alonso would swell the coaching staff of Real Sociedad, although at the moment taking charge of the lower categories. But Aperribay's proposal includes taking charge of the first team in the medium term. A seductive offer since ahead in Real Madrid has legends like Zinedine Zidane or even the aforementioned Raúl González Blanco.

More experience

The plan of the txuri-urdin is that Xabi continues to get experience in the benches, but that he is already enrolled in the Royal Society. Precisely the club that made him great at the beginning of his career as a footballer. Another team like Bayern Munich, who also had the services of Alonso as a player, has also left the door open to be a next coach.

(More information – Rummenigge: “I would like Xabi Alonso to return to Bayern as coach”)

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