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The Atlético de Madrid announced on Tuesday one of the bombings of the next transfer market: Antoine Griezmann will leave the rojiblanco set in summer. The French striker, a year after 'The decision', will definitively end a five-year-old mattress. Your departure will be millionaire. Griezmann signed for the Atleti a renewal with a termination clause of 200 million euros, which will descend to 120 'kilos' next July 1. That will be your starting price.

Everything indicates that the team that will sign Griezmann will be the Barcelona, after his failed attempt last summer. However, in France they already point to an ambush of PSG by the French forward now that they already know their desire to change of airs. With these two candidates on the table, a movement of such magnitude will have consequences in the market and will indirectly affect clubs like the Real Madrid, the Manchester United or the Bayern They also prepare for a hectic summer.

If Griezmann signs for Barcelona

Therefore, there are two ways: that of Barcelona or that of PSG. The Real Madrid is pending to what happens with Griezmann, taking into account that it will not move card for the rojiblanco. In Can Barça many take for granted his signing. This summer, they say. The reality is that his signing enters the culé scheme, which needs a coup d'état after adding a new European failure. If Griezmann arrives, there will have to be a sacrifice and that will almost certainly be Coutinho, the most expensive signing in the history of Barça.


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To give out Coutinho there are two clear favorites: the Chelsea (if you can sign) and the PSG. Keeping in mind that the blues have less and less hope of obtaining prudential, the Parisians are the clear favorites. Coutinho would fit with Neymar, with whom you share a selection, but it can also be your substitute. Perhaps the '7' azulgrana is not the figure they expect in Paris to lead the project of the sheikh, but still relies on the return of the Coutinho del Liverpool. Another consequence of the signing of Griezmann by Barça would be the definitive withdrawal culé Jovic, who is already on track for Madrid.

If Griezmann signs for PSG

But, what if the PSG gives the bell and is done with Griezmann? No one should rule out the team Princes Park, because you already know how dangerous it is in market matters (and that they tell Barça). The economic proposal will be better for the player and has the factor of returning to his country after being one of the heroes of the last world. Griezmann could fill in with the PSG fan the gap that a Neymar march would leave. With Mbappé, the 28-year-old striker would lead the new project Tuchel to conquer the Champions League once and for all.

Therefore, either via Barça or, above all, via PSG, Madrid is very aware of the team that Griezmann chooses to see if it can fight for the signing of Neymar, its possible summer bomb. What is clear is that the interests of Atlético, who must seek a replacement for their '7', will not clash with those of Madrid. Dybala and Icardi (already ruled out by the white club) are the great rojiblancos candidates.

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