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Grandpa it's okay. Everything has been a scare. ” The message was sent by a Portuguese footballer of the first team from Porto to another teammate at 19.31 hours on Wednesday, shortly after the news that hit the majority of Spaniards. A day later, in a cafeteria in the center of the city, the sportsman shows it to the EL ESPAÑOL reporter and refuses to make statements. “It's not time to talk. It's time to support him, “he apologizes.

At the time of sending the whatshapp, Iker Casillas He was already in his room on the second floor of the CUF hospital center in Porto, north of the city. The Portuguese doctors had saved his life after suffering an acute myocardial infarction. “He felt as if he were stepping on an elephant in his chest. The pain spread to his mouth. Luck that the doctors of the club attended him at once, “explains the player's representative in graphic form, Carlo Cutropia, spokesman of what the international goalkeeper felt during those critical minutes. “Return? That is going to depend on him. Now you have to be very calm. “

Cutropia traveled to Oporto as soon as he got to know Iker's ailment. Like his wife, Sara Carbonero, journalist and model, who was working in Tarifa (Cádiz). The morning of last Wednesday, during training, the goal of Móstoles (Madrid), suffered a heart failure.

Iker Casillas in an image uploaded to social networks after being operated on for an acute myocardial infarction.

Iker Casillas in an image uploaded to social networks after being operated on for an acute myocardial infarction.


But again the umpteenth miracle worked. The Saint, As the radio announcer Manolo Lama nicknamed him, he had just taken another miraculous hand flying. This time, without a goal behind. On this occasion he did not save Real Madrid's goal, the Red nor the club's the dragaos of Porto. Now, with the help of doctors, the mythical goalkeeper he had saved a death penalty in his almost 38 years. He meets them on May 20.

The city of Oporto had his breath cut off with the news. The club issued a statement in which reported that Iker Casillas, its goalkeeper, the most successful goal of Spanish football (two European Championships, one World Cup, three Champions League, five Leagues, two Club World Cups ..) had suffered a failure cardiac during the morning session of preparation of the first template.

Since then, dozens of cameras and journalists are standing guard at the hospital door. Some fans are also coming. Like Carlos, seven years old. The boy asks his father, Ricardo: “Dad, will Iker get well?” Father and son had passed with the car ahead of the CUF. The boy asked to stop for a few minutes. His father warned him that he could not see the Spanish goalkeeper from Porto. The little one insisted. It was enough to look up and know that there, behind that building with the facade of grayish plates, was his idol. “Casillas is sick. But it's going to be good. Do not worry. It's a 'dragao' like you. Come on, let's go son, it's getting late. “

The press stands guard in front of the hospital in which Casillas has been admitted since last Wednesday.

The press stands guard in front of the hospital in which Casillas has been admitted since last Wednesday.


Turbulent exit of Madrid

Casillas left Real Madrid, where he had been trained since he was nine years old, in July 2015. He signed for Oporto, club at that time trained by Julen Lopetegui, who later held the position of Spanish national coach. It was always said that Casillas left the team of his life because the relationship with the president, Florentino Pérez, had deteriorated. Some media pointed out that the favorite of the highest white president was Gianluigi Buffon. Others, who wanted to goalkeeper David de Gea.

In the deterioration of the relationship between Florentino and Casillas also influenced the figure of the Portuguese José Mourinho. Although the Portuguese coach had already left the club when Casillas left – he did in 2013 – the coach was always a whip for the goalkeeper, who came to send the substitute with the canterano Adán as a boxing glove with which to slap to the mostoleño.

The day he announced his farewell, Casillas appeared alone in the press room of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Broke in tears. The next day, on the lawn of the stadium and in an official ceremony accompanied by Florentino Pérez, he returned to say goodbye surrounded by the trophies he had won during his time with the first team. But it was a cold act, not at all the see you later that many dreamed for a living emblem of the white club.

At that time, who spoke more clearly was the mother of the goalkeeper. “This president has never loved him because he is short-Iker measures 1.85 meters-,” said Maria del Carmen Fernandez. “He likes highs. My Iker has endured what is not written. He has been vilified these five years. It has been all very unfair and has taken a toll on the psychic level. “The departure of the club was the most traumatic moment in the footballer's career.

COPE journalist Manolo Lama remembers that he started calling him the Saint during a match at the Bernabéu of Madrid against Athletic Bilbao. He says he saw Casillas make a couple of anthological stops. By telephone, Lama explains to this reporter that the departure of the Móstoles goalkeeper's club “was a sad farewell”.

“That press conference had to be repeated,” says the radio announcer. It was a humiliation for the best goalkeeper in the history of the club and one of the best in the history of football. Going out the back door for someone who had won everything and who had everything for a shirt was a disgrace

Iker Casillas the day he says goodbye to Real Madrid.

Iker Casillas the day he says goodbye to Real Madrid.


Happy in Porto although he earned less

The truth is that in Porto he was received as a star. And the goal, who smiled again, committed to the club. Two years after arriving, Casillas lowered his salary from 11 to 7.5 million euros to continue playing football, according to the Portuguese sports newspaper. A Ball. Until then, a substantial part of his contract (around five million) was paid by Madrid. In spite of everything, it continued being the better paid footballer of the Portuguese league.

Casillas, during his stay at the club Do Dragao Stadium, has tasted the ownership and also the substitution in which bench, although this in a tiny dose. At the end of 2017, the coach, Sergio Conceição, left him out of the starting lineup due to his low performance.

The Portuguese press said that, during a week of matches of selections, he used the mobile and social networks in the locker room, something forbidden by the coach. On the other hand, shortly after it was placed under the clubs at the start of the matches. He was the starter until Friday of last week, when his team left a draw (2-2) in the field of Rio Ave and also the first place in the league, which now occupies the Benfica.

For the Portuguese press in general the Spanish goalkeeper is the great sporting reference of the club and the figure that gives luster to the league of the country. Bruno Filipe Monteiro is a newspaper journalist O Jogo. It covers the information of Oporto. To questions from EL ESPAÑOL, he describes Casillas as follows: “After the coach and the president, maybe he is the most respected voice in the dressing room. For several reasons: for the experience he has, for the person he is, since everyone says that he has always assumed his role as one more and not as a star, and for what he has won. For the template is a leader, although the players call him a grandfather in jest “.

Casillas and his family (he has two children with Sara Carbonero) have found in Oporto a city that makes them fall in love. They reside in the neighborhood of Foz, a residential area of ​​the Portuguese city next to the beach. It is a place where soccer players and coaches usually go through the blue and white team.

The environment of Casillas explains that the goalkeeper is “happy” in Porto. Madrid has 50 minutes by plane, has withdrawn from the media focus that chased him in Spain after his relationship with Sara Carbonero, the Portuguese league allows you to stay in the first level of European football (every year competes in the Champions League) and both its wife as their children have adapted to the life of the city. The eldest son, Martin, five years old, plays in the lower categories of Porto. The other, Lucas, two, is still too small.

Casillas, during the act that the club organized in his farewell. In the picture appears in front of the trophies achieved with Real Madrid.

Casillas, during the act that the club organized in his farewell. In the picture appears in front of the trophies achieved with Real Madrid.


It is not strange to see them biking through the historic center of the city or dining in busy restaurants. They also usually do tourism to visit nearby towns, such as Matosinhos, where they eat the best seafood and fish in the country. The Portuenses respect them and do not usually invade their space of privacy.

Vítor Baía, exporter of Barcelona, ​​Porto and the Portuguese national team, is described as “a friend” by Iker Casillas. Occasionally they eat together. He tells this journalist that Casillas is “a passionate football player”, who always talks about him. “He lives it very intensely.”

Baía places the Mostoleño among the three best goalkeepers in the history of this sport. On whether or not he will return to play football, the exporter is confident that the heart attack does not involve a premature withdrawal. “I ask God to be able to play again. It has the ability to turn the situation around and return to being the same Iker as always. He loves soccer, he loves it. “

One of the people who has most contact with Iker Casillas in Oporto is Alberto Bueno, raised in the Real Madrid youth academy. Last year he coincided with him in the ranks of the club, although he was relegated to the subsidiary because the coach did not have him.

Former Rayo, Leganés and Valladolid among others, now plays in the Boavista, the minor team of the city of Oporto that also competes in the Portuguese first division. He is one of the few visits that Casillas has received in his hospital room.

Bueno visited Casillas on Wednesday afternoon, a few hours after leaving the operating room. Along with the other two Spanish footballers from Oporto, Adrián and Óliver, they usually go out with the families to eat or dine and to know the country when they have rest days.

“I spent an hour with him and I saw him well. Encouraged after a major scare. We were chatting and joking. From there, medical services will continue to monitor and control you. Sara has for what she needs both me and the rest of the Spaniards who are here and we make a very good group. “

Non-aggression pact with their parents

Casillas has never hidden from his inner circle that the relationship with his parents has cooled during the last years. José Luis and María del Carmen have not visited their son in the hospital in Oporto where he is admitted, although they have maintained telephone contact with him.

The family was united until 2010. That year, Iker Casillas decided to separate his parents from a company he had set up together with them to manage their real estate investments. It had a heritage of 30 million euros.

A family breach was opened even though Iker, who behaved like a grateful son, gave them five million, several buildings and set a salary of 9,300 euros per month for 15 years, according to the supplement published Chronicle of The world.

In return He asked them to sign a non-aggression pact that is still in force and for which they can not express derogatory comments against him or against the people closest to him, such as Sara Carbonero or his representative, Carlo Cutropia.

Casillas' relationship with his wife's father is also not idyllic. In 2010, a group of residents of the small town of Corral de Almaguer in La Mancha denounced Carlos Javier Carbonero García, father of Sara Carbonero and former insurance broker of Axa Winterthur. He had appropriated a figure of money that was around 945,000 euros for the sale of 'Acumulator 3', a nonexistent product. Before the police, the journalist's father said that he was a gambler and that he spent money on games of chance.

The insurer had to return part of that amount to those affected. Sara Carbonero also supplied other compensations with her estate. In 2014, Carlos Javier Carbonero was sentenced to two years in prison. By that time his marriage to his wife, Goyi Arévalo, had already broken down. He left Corral de Almaguer. She, on the other hand, continued to live there.

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas have two children.

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas have two children.


The fortune of Casillas

Almost nobody knows with certainty how much Iker Casillas' fortune rises. Sometimes he has joked about the thrifty nature of the goalkeeper. According to the magazine published in 2015 People, when the Porto goalkeeper left Madrid he had an approximate net worth of 231 million euros, an amount that was surely exaggerated and, in any case, incomprobable.

The goalkeeper of Móstoles, in addition to his career in Madrid, lived the golden age of Spanish football along with other references that also made a lot of money like Xavi or Iniesta. It has been a magnet for brands. He has worked with Pepsi, Reebook, Adidas, Mahou, Danone, BBVA, H & S … Even with the firm Arriaga Asociados, since he was also a victim of the sale of preferred products. His image is a claim to generate money.

After the scare last Wednesday, the question is: will you dress again short? Juan Antonio Corbalán, former player of the Madrid basketball team and also a cardiologist, has no doubts. “It is impossible for a person to return to professional sports after this, I think (Iker Casillas) is not going to play football again.”

Casillas had recently renewed with Porto until July 2020. Now that contract hangs in the balance. The head of the medical services of the club, Nelson Puga, understands that it is soon to be able to talk about his sporting future. “It will depend on the necessary medication, the evaluation in situations of rest and stress such as physical exercise, and also of the will to continue

Iker Casillas with Vítor Baía, exporter of Barcelona and Oporto.

Iker Casillas with Vítor Baía, exporter of Barcelona and Oporto.

Cedida Vítor Baía

From the retina of the fans of Real Madrid and the Spanish team will never erase two stops the Saint. The first was being almost a beardless. Hampden Park Stadium, Glasgow (Scotland). May 15, 2002. Final Champions League between Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen. Casillas is 22 years old. He comes off the bench in the 67th minute after the injury of César, goalkeeper. At that moment the white team wins 2-1. The Germans corner Madrid. Casillas makes three portentous stops. The best, the one that floats the ball next to the stick with the tip of the left foot in a stretched to a point-blank shot.

The other unforgettable image of the goalkeeper was in the final of the World Cup that Spain won in South Africa in 2010 against the Netherlands. 0-0 on the scoreboard. Robben, former teammate, faces Casillas in a one on one. Run the minute 61. Robben threatens, deceives the goal, which, located at the penalty point, is over to his left. The Dutchman shoots to the right, halfway up. When the orange already seen with a goal in their favor, again emerges the right foot of the Saint. Manolo Lama said that day: “When Robben sees Casillas, the light goes out.” On the other hand, Iker was turned on again last Wednesday after a brief interruption.

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