Ceballos celebrates with his teammates his goal against Huesca

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Dani Ceballos is one of the players of the Real Madrid who will pack in the summer to start a new adventure away from the Santiago Bernabeu. It is not yet known which will be your destination club, but it has already been speculated with the interest of some teams of the Premier League and of the A series, among which the names of the Arsenal and of the Juventus of Turin.

According The UncheckIn the list of suitors an English club has squeezed in with great force. The Tottenham wants to take over the services of Ceballos and would be willing to pay between 40 and 50 million euros. An interesting price for Real Madrid, since the whites would do business after paying just over 16 kilos for him Betis.

Last summer Tottenham did not sign any incorporation, but that has not prevented the Mauricio Pochettino reach the end of the Champions League. Which will play next Saturday June 1 against Liverpool at Wanda Metropolitan. But, in addition, another crossing of interests unites the spurs with the white set, and that sounds Eriksen as possible Madrid signing.

Betis does not forget about Ceballos

In Spain He also has several 'brides' the Utrera midfielder. Betis would be happy to have Dani Ceballos again after transferring him to the merengue club in the summer of 2017. However, the Verdiblancos know that they will not have anything easy, as there are many teams in Europe willing to pay a lot for the international sub21.

Ceballos celebrates with his teammates his goal against Huesca


The only thing clear is that the player will not continue in the ranks of Real Madrid beyond the next transfer market. Zinedine Zidane with him and this is confirmed in data. Of the last eight games that the team has played, Ceballos has only played 60 minutes of the 720 possible, 8 percent of the total.

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