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Dani Alves has reviewed in ESPN sports news of PSG, which is in a convulsive moment. The Brazilian side has dealt with the future of Neymar and the chances of him staying in Paris next season. Throw an 'all in' to what follows in the Princes Park.

The future of Neymar

“To play dinner for me that Neymar stays in? That's not much, do we play the Eiffel Tower? I think he's going to stay at the PSG, I think so, he has not done his job here yet. take the objectives, execute them and then do what you want “.

The moment of Neymar

“Neymar is in a transition, since the results are not coming in. He is very maniacal and wants the result to be obvious, he must take advantage of the free time to think about what he can do to make everything much bigger and much better in the If he is not happy, he will not be able to do it, he is not happy because the results did not come and without them he can not be happy.

The interest of Real Madrid

“If Madrid calls me I say no and if he calls me to ask about Neymar I also say no, I could not answer, because if I did not do the same as others, wanting to decide for him, getting into his life. I knock on the door, and if he opens me, I enter the room and I stay there, but in his room I do not go in. Madrid calls many people and I would not be surprised at all “.

The return of Neymar to Barça

“I think it's very complicated, I think that people at Barça would not recognize that they need it, that's the problem, that with ego you can not go anywhere. You can not have ego in this life, because you get away from the If the ego speaks for you … and Barça has that problem and would not recognize that it would need it and that already distances it from Barça, who does not need Ney? Ney needs everybody. I think the way it came out makes everything more difficult, because of some people, I've seen a whole process at Barça, if you put everything together, like Barça there's nothing. “

About Mbappé

“Mbappe is a cannon, he's very young and when he matures he's going to be much more than he is at the moment, no, like Messi there's no one.”

[More information: Neymar is missing the last PSG training and leaves without Tuchel's permission]



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