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The Liverpool is facing this Saturday to Tottenham in the end of the Champions League at Wanda Metropolitan. The team of Jürgen Klopp He hopes to forget the final pass and focus only on this one. One of the players that was already present in Kiev, Van Dijk, has told how it happened after falling 3-1 to the Real Madrid.

The Dutchman attended the media after training his team and confirmed his state of mind after losing that final: “Last year was a very difficult time, in the dressing room we were all down, it was very hard. Home, we could not sleep and I had to inform the selection two days later, maybe that was a good decision, because my head was in a different place this time. “

The center was also one of the most prominent players of the match, giving assistance to his teammate for the only goal of the English team. “It was difficult, but we learned many experiences, positive points and something we hope to use on Saturday,” he concluded with a smile.

Virgil van Dijk tries to steal a ball from Luis Suárez


Van Dijk, key piece

The player is clearly one of the key pieces of the scheme of Jürgen Klopp, who found in Van Dijk the great defensive figure that the team needed to make the leap in European competitions. Although the price was very criticized, the center has shown in two seasons to be more than amortized and be the great envy of the teams of the Premier League when letting out such a player.

This Saturday he can become champion of Europe For the first time, something that would raise your cache. It is not a secret that several clubs are behind the Dutch, but everything seems to indicate that it will remain in Anfield Whatever happens in the Wanda Metropolitan final.

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