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The suffering in which the final stretch of the season of the Real Madrid is nearing its end. There are only three games left to say goodbye to the course and for them you can count an important incentive: Vinicius it's back. A great news as it is recovered one hundred percent of a serious injury and because it will return some peace to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Vinicius is an illusion for Real Madrid. It has been one of the few joys that Madrid has had this season and his return will mediate this Sunday between the team and the fans after the last defeat against the Thunderbolt, the umpteenth stick of the season. His return will help fill the white coliseum, which in the latest crashes has not exceeded 60,000 spectators, fruits of the disconnection in the absence of objectives.

A joy for Zidane and Real Madrid

Vinicius is peace also for Zidane. The Brazilian is one of the few who is not splashed by the casting that the French coach is carrying out since he sat on the bench for the first time in front of Celtic. Its continuity is taken for granted and Zidane will now be able to observe the merengue jewel. He is the only player I could not count on until now.

Zidane will meet Vinicius or, at least, will see him for the first time on a pitch. He will be able to see up close the great revelation of the white season, which wants to continue growing after the summer after a first year that neither he nor anyone else in the club was expected to be so intense for him. Starting in the Castile with Lopetegui to be almost the cornerstone of the team with Solari. The question is what will be his role with Zidane.

Vinicius in training this Wednesday

Vinicius in training this Wednesday

Vinicius is not expected to start from a starting role next season with Zidane. In summer people will come as Hazard, which will be ahead, and surely it will continue to be Asensio who has the total confidence of Zidane, despite his bad year. But it is expected that Vinicius will gain prominence with a technician who has shown that he knows how to treat young people who are beginning to emerge. Vinicius long ago that happened.

This does not mean, in any case, that Vinicius is only going to have a gap in the bench with Zidane in the three remaining games. His return will alleviate Zidane's plans, being able to give even the final touch to Bale that in recent meetings has shown that his head has long since been away from Madrid. Vinicius has to play and that can be the final cross for the Welshman, and even for some other partner apparently sentenced by Zidane, as is the case with Mariano.

Brazil awaits for the Copa América

Vinicius will want to impress Zidane – he dies of wanting to step on a pitch again – but he has another important goal ahead of him: his participation in the America Cup. Brazil He has not yet made the decision that Vinicius should go to the appointment or not. Tite and his technical staff is waiting for his return to be able to measure his physical condition. The wait is over with a delay and leaves Vinicius with a margin of three matches to win his call.

Nobody has wanted or wants to risk with Vinicius. Not even from the club, which has monitored with a magnifying glass the first injury suffered by his jewel on European soil; or from Brazil, since Vinicius has not yet been able to debut with the Canarinha. Zidane did not want to force, but he already has Vinicius at his disposal. Brazilian joy returns, the only player who seems capable of making the fans smile again.

(More information: Savio: “Vinicius and Rodrygo are the biggest revelations of recent years”)

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