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Gareth Bale could have the days counted inside the Real Madrid. The situation seems irreversible and the white club no longer have Welsh ahead of next season. The exit options that had been considered so far were in the form of a transfer. However, the assignment could also be within the possibilities for the end.

According to the newspaper Mirror, the Bayer Munich has approached the white set for a possible assignment of Bale. Although this option was not the main one, it could be the right one given the lack of minutes that would await the Welshman in Real Madrid next season.

However, The Sun also offers a figure of what the German team would be willing to pay the player a total of 390,000 euros a week. The Bayern coach, Niko Kovac, wants the Welshman to boost his team after the losses of Arjen Robben Y Franck Ribery.

Gareth Bale, on the bench of the Santiago Bernabéu


It has not been the best season for the end and an exit to the Premier League, competition that he knows after his experience in Tottenham, it could also be another of the greatest possibilities for the Welshman. The Manchester United He showed interest in the soccer player but his high salary and his age would have caused him to be discarded as the next player.

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