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Monday the newspaper ACE published the alleged response that he would have said Dani Ceballos to Zinedine Zidane after knowing that it did not fit into the plans of the French coach for next season. “No problem, mister. I did not want to continue working with you either “, were the words that, according to the Madrid media, the player would have told his coach, however, the player himself has come to deny the information.

“I want to state, before the information that has been published today in some media that I prefer not to mention, that at no time has any private conversation with anybody from the technical staff of Real Madrid been made public,” began Ceballos in his social networks.

“I also categorically deny the statements attributed to me in this matter, and finally, I think it is very unprofessional and that the publication of this type of false news is out of place. even more so when we are working and fighting for an international tournament as important as the U21 European Championship with the Spanish national team, “the player wrote in his account. Twitter.

Future in doubt

Dani Ceballos will not continue at Real Madrid beyond next summer. Several players that had come militating in the white set will leave the club in the following weeks, since in these moments there is overbooking in the merengue campus.

Ceballos, with the Spanish soccer team. Photo: sefutbol.com

The Utrera midfielder is currently disputing the European sub21 with Spain. After the tournament your future will be defined away from Santiago Bernabeu. Although Ceballos has not had all the opportunities that he would have liked to have with Zidane as a technician, he strongly denies the disrespect that was attributed to him as a “false news”.

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