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Friday June 7 will go down in history as it is the day in which the Real Madrid announced the signing of Eden Hazard until the year 2024. The Belgian footballer will be presented on Thursday 13 at the Box of Honor of the Santiago Bernabéu. After a vacation, you will be put under the orders of Zinedine Zidane to start preparing for next season.

One of the happiest for the arrival of the end is Thibaut Courtois, who shares a wardrobe with him in the Belgium selection and before he did in the Chelsea, where the goalkeeper came from last summer. The goalkeeper spoke about the signing of Hazard after the 3-0 victory of the Red Devils before Kazakhstan, in qualifying match for the Eurocopa 2020.

“The Spaniards are very open,” he began by saying the '10' of the blues, to later joke pointing out that “if you speak a bit of Spanish it will be even better”. The language barrier will not be a problem for the player, since in addition to him Benzema, Varane as well as Luca Zidane They speak French. “He will be very good in the group,” said the keeper.

Happy to return to share equipment with Hazard

“It's very nice that we're going to coincide, he's my friend, I get along very well with him and his family, for Madrid it's going to be fantastic, I think it's going to make a difference and I hope we can win many titles next season “, has pointed a Courtois that since last year claimed that where one would play the other sooner or later.

Courtois and Hazard. Photo: Twitter (@thibautcourtois)

Colleagues and friends. Courtois and Hazard are present and future of Real Madrid. The goalkeeper is fully confident that the white team will once again win a title with Eden on the roster. A galactic who arrives to fulfill the great dream of his life.

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