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All roads lead to Eden Hazard to the Real Madrid. The Belgian winger is very close to becoming one of the big signings of the summer and his arrival seems to excite the white fans. The end of the season has been spectacular, and after being the best player in the final of the Europa League He announced that it was time to look for new challenges.

Hazard celebrates a goal with Chelsea


Edu Aguirre has reached The beach bar with great happiness after knowing that the Belgian end is about to become a new player of Real Madrid. So much so that has confirmed that it is the ideal to lead the new project of the merengue team and will be Jovic the second big signing of the summer. The tertulianos have been very satisfied with the Belgian end and its arrival in the capital of Spain.

What makes Hazard an elite player is that he usually appears at key moments. You only have to see the final of the Europa League, in which he was the best putting a double and giving an assist. He was the best of the game against Arsenal and could be dismissed in the best way of the whole blue in which he has been the last seven years.

A new illusion

“Hazard is the player that Real Madrid needs.”

The figure of Vinicius

“Vinicius was the best of Real Madrid until he got injured.”

(More information: Cesc: “The signing of Hazard is bad news for Barcelona”)



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