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The Selection he won a victory Sweden by 3-0. The first two goals have come from the penalty spot, one scored by Sergio Ramos and another of the boots of Morata. The captain of Real Madrid He has scored the maximum penalty with great security and is already debating who will be the pitcher of the white team next season: Sergio Ramos or Eden Hazard.

In The beach bar, Edu Aguirre has assured that the Belgian end should be responsible for throwing penalties, although all those who have thrown the white central this season have ended up inside. A great doubt that has been able to clear Carvajal, who has admitted that he does not expect Zidane Take Sergio Ramos away from that responsibility.

The white captain has been an authentic life insurance in the art of the eleven meters, but the arrival of another specialist such as Hazard places several unknowns. For the Real Madrid coach there is no doubt, it must be the Belgian who takes that responsibility from the first day.

The penalty thrower

“Penalties? Hazard needs to consolidate when he arrives at Real Madrid.”

[More information: Carvajal: “I do not think that Zidane takes Sergio Ramos away from shooting penalties”]



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