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There are very few hours left until the signing of the contract becomes official. Eden Hazard for him Real Madrid and the white hobby remains on edge waiting for the moment. The Belgian will fulfill his dream of playing in the Santiago Bernabeu and with it will unleash the euphoria and the illusion in Real Madrid, being something very necessary after having left behind one of the most difficult seasons in the history of the whole white.

Given this, Javi Herráez has given the approval to said signing in The spar and has highlighted that it is the first signing that really arrives to be an indisputable holder. He has also stated that the arrival of Hazard comes as a glove to Zidane and that causes much more illusion than other official additions such as those of Militao or Jovic.

Key piece in the alignment

“Hazard is coming to be the undisputed starter and he's going to come right up to Zidane.”

The most exciting signing of all

“Other signings like Militao have not been so excited, the one from Hazard is going to be the first signing that arrives to be the undisputed holder and that really gives back the illusion to Real Madrid.”

[More information: Real Madrid will make official the signing of Hazard this Friday]



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