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The Real Madrid It is in full remodeling of the staff after a season that has left much to be desired. The players are enjoying the holidays with their families and friends, and around the second week they will return to train with the team ahead of the preseason.

Thibaut Courtois has taken advantage of these days to travel to Ibiza and to be present in the Grand Prix of Formula 1 of France, where he has reviewed the news of the white set before the microphones of Movistar +.

The Belgian goalkeeper has indicated that they are “recharging the batteries” because it has a long season where they can be “full”. “After the World Cup we suffered a little while playing without rest and this year we have to go for everything,” he said.

He has also analyzed last season, assuring that in one week they lost everything and “it became long”. “Everyone in Madrid is used to playing until May, it's a shame,” he added.

Illusion by Zinedine Zidane

On Zinedine Zidane, has stated that he is “a great coach” and that he has shown it in the three years that he has won everything. “I am very excited to be there with him and we will do everything to win many trophies,” he said.

In addition, he was excited about the signing of his compatriot Eden Hazard: “I am very happy that he is with us because he gives us a quality leap, he is a calm guy, nice and always with a smile, he wants to win, goals, assists … And I think he will fall very well in the locker room”.

Finally, he was asked about the possible signing of Mbappé by Real Madrid: “I do not know that, I only see the things that come out in the press, I have no information about him, players like him will always be welcome at Real Madrid.”

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