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Jesús Vallejo has been a fixed in the lower categories of the Spanish selection and now disputes a new Eurocopa sub21 in Italy. Soon he is called to make the leap to the Absolute, while his continuity in the Real Madrid it's still in the air. On this he has spoken in the Game time of the COPE chain.

In a great personal moment

“I am phenomenal, I have been training with the first team since February and the last matches that the coach gave me, I found myself phenomenal, with a very good rhythm, after all the injuries of the beginning of the season, now I feel very good and happy. “

Favorite Centrals

“I've always said it, in the end I'm learning a lot with Sergio -Ramos-, with Rapha -Varane- and with Nacho.As soon as I left for Germany, I said that I wish one day I could train with them, be able to compete at their side. .. I enjoy being able to train and play with them. “

The best of Ramos and Varane

“He knows how to read the matches very well, he has a lot of experience, something that is acquired over the years, of course Rapha is very good in the air, both defensive and offensive, he is always very well placed”.

Want to continue in Madrid

“Yes, yes, of course, I want to stay, I am very happy, in these last games I have been able to play, I felt good, trying to help the team, the most important thing is to always be very well prepared, whether to play more or less , but be very well prepared for when the coach decides “.

Message from Zidane

“He told me that he was very happy with my work, both in training and in games, that it should continue like this, that now this European was ahead, that it was important for us and that we would be talking.”

Conversation with Zidane

“No, we only value the season a little bit, nothing more.”

Luka Jovic

“When I came to Real Madrid, it was just when I signed for Eintracht Frankfurt, but my teammates told me it was a phenomenon.”


“Very good,” he says, “he's a player in the world top and he's sure to be a reference for us.”

Worst moment of the season

“I agree with Reguilón, it was a match that leaves you out of that Champions League that we have always fought for, and then you knew that in the league it was very difficult, we tried to do our best, but things did not work out. My feeling is more that things have not come out that we have not wanted to try. “

Continuous learning

“I like to learn from all seasons, when you win, you learn to value it, and when things get more complicated, like in this one, you learn that, for example, it is important to be well in La Liga, because that makes that you are well in the rest “.

Palo del Barça in Champions

“Our season has not been good regardless of what Barcelona has done.”

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