<pre>Josep Pedrerol fulfills his promise and does not present 'Jugones'

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Josep Pedrerol has kept his word and has not appeared on the set of Jugones to present the program this Friday. He promised that if the signing of Hazard by Real Madrid was not announced yesterday, this Friday would not be put in front. This happened and it was Guillermo Moreno who introduced him.

The program began with a tense climate, with the lights off and with the expectation of whether Josep Pedrerol would appear. During the morning, from the account of El Chiringuito several tweets were put feeding the doubts and finally it was Guillermo Moreno who went before the cameras.

The Catalan journalist had prepared a surprise at the end of the program. Pedrerol appeared to read the tweets, which in this case was one that he posted during the broadcast. Before, it was left to see the background in a blueprint while José Luis Sánchez was teaching the new Real Madrid jersey.

“Pedrerol, when is the signing of Hazard official? It was expected that this morning was already signed …”, wrote a user on Twitter. And then Pedrerol hurled the ordago: “If today the signing of Hazard by Madrid is not announced, tomorrow I do not present Jugones”.




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