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The Real Madrid has made official the arrival of Ferland Mendy. The left-hander thus becomes the fourth signing of the new merengue project. The merengue team has several men in that position and everything indicates that it will be Marcelo the Frenchman's partner next season. The Brazilian is taking advantage of his holidays to get in shape and he wanted to demonstrate this with a publication in Instagram.

Marcelo has been the subject of great criticism this season. His level and physical form have been on everyone's lips, but it seems that the '12' wants to start from scratch and is doing everything possible to recover his usual level. For this he has to deal with the competition of Mendy, which comes after being the best side of the French league and an explosion that has surprised the planet football.

After uploading that publication, where it looks 'tablet' with his son, it has become official hours later the arrival of Mendy. Very similar players but with big differences. The Brazilian a magician of the ball and technique, while the French boasts power and verticality. A pair that will compete for ownership in each training, since the '12' already confirmed its continuity after the arrival of Zidane.

Marcelo, at Real Madrid – Athletic de La Liga


The left band has a new member

Despite the great season of Reguilón, the arrival of the French leaves the Spanish gap without a gap that proved to be at the height of the most difficult moments. Now we have to wait to find out who will win the title, if the Brazilian in his best form or the brand new signing of the Frenchman. It is also worth remembering Theo Hernández, which will also come out when its assignment with the Real society.

(More information: Real Madrid announces the signing of Ferland Mendy until 2025)



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