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The fifth of Asensio arrived in 2017 at Real Madrid with the promise of being the future of the white team and the Selection. Five players (Asensio, Ceballos, Llorente, Vallejo Y Foreman) that summer they had impressed in the European Sub21, in which they took the silver falling in the final against Germany. That did not matter, because they were predicting a destiny of triumphs and successes dressed in white … that now go out two years later.

We do not know very well if it was the fault of the pressure of playing at Real Madrid or they have been dragged down by the dynamics of this year's team, but since 2017 they have not given what was expected of them. The renovation that Madrid will carry out this summer left them in a very delicate position and it seems that a decision has already been made around them. They will not continue, except the leader of the fifth: Marco Asensio.

Zidane gives another opportunity to Asensio

Madrid does not throw the towel with Asensio. His season has been bad and far from what was expected when he was entrusted to him as one of the substitutes for Cristiano Ronaldo. But nevertheless, Zidane He has given his word that he will continue next year in the team. Possibly this is his last chance to prove he can pull the car of a club in the 13-time European champion category.

The best endorsement of Asensio is his first two years in Madrid. It did not stop growing and this season may have been only a blip in its progression. However, the Madrid and, above all, Zidane seems that they will not have the same consideration with the rest of their teammates, to whom the starting doors have been opened this summer.

Asensio, between three rivals of Eibar


Ceballos and Llorente, two attractive sales

There are Ceballos and Marcos Llorente, which they have in common (besides being from the same villa) that they have never counted for Zidane. The season 2017/2018 both passed almost in the absolute ostracism and now with the return of the French they will have no choice but to leave. Both the Utrera, who came as one of the greatest promises on the international scene, as the youth squad, who returned after consolidating in the First in just one year with the Alavés, they have no space in the next Madrid.

Zidane has already communicated and now it's up to them to find a destination. It seemed that they would be transferred, but the strong interest of European teams (and the need for Madrid to sell to sign) opens the door to their outputs are final. For example, him Tottenham would offer 50 million for Ceballos, a difficult amount to refuse for the club of Chamartín.

Vallejo will also leave, despite the fact that he thought he would continue after his good season finale. The renovation of Nacho closes the door, but will remain open for him to return in the future. Zidane likes it, but needs shooting. It will be sold or sold with an option to repurchase.

Mayoral is the fifth in discord and the first one that had to leave last summer. He was transferred to Levante and now he returns without much expectation of staying. Will return to be transferred or will be sold permanently, what seems clear is that the doors of the first team of Madrid have been closed for now.

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