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Apart from Paul Pogba (26 years old, Manchester United), the other big bet of Zidane for 2019/2020 is Ferland Mendy. The coach wanted to strengthen his defense with a new side that gives him variants in the left-handed lane.

Zidane has a dream and an objective: to clone Marcelo for the next few years. The side and captain of Real Madrid is a talisman piece in the approach of the French coach, and when the Brazilian is not, the team notes. Much. The options in attack are drastically reduced and the matches, in many cases, end up being complicated.

The Frenchman knows that Marcelo is not eternal and that age does not forgive. With the passing of the seasons the minutes that the Brazilian can offer are reduced. That is why it is important that you have the opportunity to arrive fresh at the decisive stage of the season. And what better option than for the same price get to form another side of the future that has as a mirror the Brazilian.

This is where Mendy comes in. The ex-Olympique de Lyon has many similarities with the current Marcelo and with the one that landed at the Bernabéu in January 2007 from Fluminense. A commitment to the future of Real Madrid that just cost 6.5 million euros to the coffers of the club.

At this time, more than 12 years ago, Marcelo was only 18 years old and landed in Europe after only spending a season in elite football, as it was in 2006 when he ascended from the subsidiary to the first team of Fluminense. . The Brazilian still had a long road of improvement to make a name for himself at Real Madrid.

The current white captain did not cost him a gap in the merengue discipline, although the process to be able to sit on the throne of Roberto Carlos, as best left-handed players in the history of Real Madrid, was neither quick nor simple.

In a similar point is Mendy after having signed for Real Madrid. A pEl French has only been two years at Olympique Lyon, having risen from the B team of Le Havre to the absolute.

The lateral one is a bet of future of Zidane and will have the opportunity to learn from Marcelo in the first person. Mendy himself has already left a statement of intent after his presentation with Real Madrid. The Frenchman, always very restrained in his statements, made clear his intentions to improve next to a side as Marcelo: “I'm ready to compete with him.”

His style of play resembles that of the Brazilian, being a lane of great travel and verticality. Something that Ferland himself has worked since childhood: “When I was small I played as a forward, which helped me boost the offensive aspect,” the Frenchman told Real Madrid TV.

Marcelo's projection was very high, as is Mendy's. In addition, both players have the confidence of Zidane, since the Brazilian is a safe and unshakable bet of the coach and French is also a personal commitment. Two players for whom Zidane has struggled to have in Madrid next season.

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