Rodrygo Goes, at the Santiago Bernabéu with Real Madrid jersey

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Rodrygo Silva de Goes (Brazil, 18 years old) has become the third player to have presented the Real Madrid facing 2019/2020. After a complicated season, in which only the Club World Cup At the end of 2018, the white club has done its homework to face the next course with guarantees. Although the incorporation of the Brazilian was already known for months.

Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool or even the Barcelona they followed very closely the young promise of Saints. However, it was Real Madrid who went ahead of the rest of the suitors to take their services. On June 15, 2018, the Brazilian team made official the agreement with Madrid for which Rodrygo would play in the Santiago Bernabeu from the summer of 2019.

Practically a year later, the dream becomes reality. The striker has spent the last season playing on loan at Santos, where he has continued his progression. Since last year he has played a total of 39 games, in which he has signed 9 goals and 5 assists. And all this with only 18 years, which met on January 9.

The day of Rodrygo

The Brazilian release was scheduled for this Tuesday, June 18. It had not even been fulfilled 24 hours of his landing in the Madrid-Barajas airport Adolfo Suárez when the player was already passing the medical examination in the University Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja. After successfully overcoming it, the entourage headed by the player headed to the white temple.

With everything ready in the Box of Honor of the Santiago Bernabéu, while the stands of the Real Madrid Coliseum were starting to fill up, Rodrygo set his signature on his first contract with the white club. Santos and Real Madrid reached an agreement for 45 million euros, while the player signed up to the year 2025. Hand in hand Florentino Pérez He posed with his new shirt surrounded by the thirteen 'Orejonas' of the merengue ensemble and from there to his coming out.

The president was the particular master of ceremonies. Florentino Pérez welcomed him to his new home and left some emotional words latent: “Rodrygo has dreamed of this moment since he started growing with a ball. These words come true here. Now TIt's up to you to make the dreams of those who are now your fans come true. “

Before putting on the white kit for the first time to jump on the field and delight the thousands of fans who gathered at the Santiago Bernabéu, Rodrygo surprised with some words in Spanish: “I want to thank God for everything he has done for me, my family. Thank you, President, for the trust you have placed. Thanks to the fans of Madrid, I hope to give many joys. Go Madrid!”.

Rodrygo dared the Spaniard in his presentation: “Thanks, presi, Hala Madrid!”

Juggling, gestures with the fans and a sense of kissing the shield before changing back to suit for this time, tie again, put in front of the media. The young player has shown a lot of personality and has assured that he is available to the club “to play in the first team or in the Castile“Although what he wanted to make very clear is that it is the” happiest “day of his life.

A signing 'of 20 minutes'

Merengue was not his only suitor, but as soon as that opportunity opened for him, he did not think about it. This has been confirmed at a press conference: “It is true that my signing was closed in 20 minutes. He preferred Real Madrid at all times and in that time it was fulfilled. “And that is that Rodrygo has revealed that” all the people “who know him know that” since childhood “he was always” a Madrid fan “.

A personality player despite his young age: “When the Madrid offer was presented I had no doubts, I do not want to be Neymar of Real Madrid, I want to be Rodrygo of Madrid, Neymar there is only one”. The Brazilian comes stomping and with his next clear dream: to triumph at the Santiago Bernabéu.

What does Rodrygo?

From Brazil they call him the 'new Romario', while from several sectors confirm that it will be better than Robinho, Vinicius Junior and even Neymar. The president of Santos, who knows him well, was the one who said this only a few months ago. The truth is that the 'apprentice has overcome the teacher'. The data speaks for itself and Rodrygo Goes, aged 17, was better than the now extreme PSG at that same age.

Since 2002, in which Diego took a 6.29, no Brazilian player took so much note in a ranking that makes ESPN within its section Prata Ball. The truth is that without having reached the age of majority, Rodrygo already accumulated 6 goals and 3 assists in the Brasileirao. Since Neymar was 17 years old, no other had scored so many goals.

Rodrygo Goes, at the Santiago Bernabéu with Real Madrid jersey


Rodrygo arrives to provide a bit of fresh air, similar to what happened last summer with Vinicius, but with significant differences. The new Real Madrid incorporation stands out for the goal, although it asks for patience to the fans. The adaptation process is key and there they will be important, in addition to your partner in the sub20 of Brazil, Casemiro Y Marcelo.

Expectations are high. Not in vain does Real Madrid record goal, speed and dribbling with him. Rodrygo is available to both the first team and Castilla, but has already given clues of the area in which they can get a greater performance of their virtues: “I like to play in both bands, but I have no preference, I'm ready to play” . Rodrygo is here and has come to stay.

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