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Eden Hazard (La Louvière, 28 years old) will have its special highlight this Thursday, June 13 at the Box of Honor of the Santiago Bernabéu. It will be the second presentation for the next season, as the Serbian forward gave the starting signal. Luka Jovic this Wednesday, but in which it is expected to break record after what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo back in the year 2009.

The Real Madrid He made official the signing of the Belgian footballer last Friday, June 7. After several hours in which the announcement was expected, finally the white club confirmed the news. Hazard came to the capital of Spain in exchange for 100 million euros more variable, becoming the most expensive signing in the history of the whole merengue and signed until the year 2024.

During the last seven years the player has played in the Chelsea. TO Stamford Bridge came from the Lille in the summer of 2012. It was precisely in the French club where he first called the attention of Zinedine Zidane. The French coach at that time had not focused his career to the benches, but he was still closely linked to Real Madrid and Florentino Pérez. That was how he recommended the signing of the footballer.

Zidane and Florentino Pérez during the presentation of the French

Zidane has never hidden that Eden Hazard is one of his favorites. But neither has a Florentino Pérez who a few days before becoming official the signing recognized that the incorporation of the international Belgium he had a special illusion: “I'm looking forward to this year,” assured the president of Real Madrid. The Transistor of Onda Cero. Said and done. The 'state of illusion' is established in the white house, from the highest leader to all the fans.

The Galactic Hazard

The Red Devil is the most important soccer player of his country and has also been, year after year, one of the best every season in the Premier League. For some time now he has been winking at Real Madrid. This particular way of letting oneself be loved has run rivers of ink, but Hazard has always been sincere in assuring that Zidane is his idol since he was a child and that as a child he already dreamed of donning the white elastic one day.

“It would be a dream to have him as a coach, he was my idol when I was a kid, I respect him a lot,” said the player in 2017, RTL Belgium. From a very young age, Eden Hazard has been linked to French football and to Zinedine Zidane himself. The parents of the player wanted the race of their three children to start in the French country and despite being Belgian, the three were followers of the France of Zizou.

Eden, Kylian Y Thorgan they were photographed being only a few kids with the T-shirt Les Bleus of the now coach of Real Madrid. Zidane was the best footballer of the time and came to be crowned as world champion with his team in 1998. They all wanted to be him, one day become a legend like Zinedine Zidane.

The brand new signing of Real Madrid was even tempted by France to play in their national team instead of the Belgian. With only 14 years, Eden Hazard settled in Lille and therefore has come to recognize that it feels a little French. “Because of my presence in France for seven years, I feel 99% Belgian and 1% French, but the idea of ​​a French nationality never crossed my mind “, commented the player in some occasion.

Hazard – Zidane

“It's no secret that my dream was to play for Real Madrid since I was a kid,” the player wrote after his signing was made official. The two for one in dreams arrives for the soccer player this Thursday. At last he will be able to work and learn in the shadow of a Zidane who in 2010 pointed out that Eden Hazard was “the crack of the future” and that he would “take it to Madrid with his eyes closed”.

Zinedine Zidane will finally have his most wanted player, while Hazard will be able to work under the idol of his childhood. All this in a Real Madrid that brings together two of the best European players of the last 25 years. History has not done anything but start.

(More information: Real Madrid confirms the date and time of Hazard's presentation)



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