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The Selection he won a victory Sweden by 3-0. The first two goals have come from the penalty spot, one scored by Sergio Ramos and another of the boots Morata. The captain of Real Madrid he has scored the maximum penalty with great security and is already debating who will be the pitcher of the white team next season: Sergio Ramos or Eden Hazard.

Sergio Ramos celebrates a goal with the Spanish team against Sweden


Josep Pedrerol has confessed in The beach bar that the captain of Real Madrid is the best pitcher, but he is not the owner of the ball and men like Eden Hazard can gain a lot of prominence and also be a regular pitcher from the maximum penalty. Sergio Ramos has not missed a single penalty this season, something that gives him more freedom to remain the regular pitcher.

The penalty thrower

“Sergio Ramos has earned the right to shoot penalties because he throws them better than anyone, but he is not the owner of the ball.”

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