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The Milan He wants to fish in the white house. The rossoneri they start a new project with Marco Giampaolo and the 'exit operation' of Real Madrid would have caught the attention of San Siro. Although it is still to know what the new technician's plans are, from Sky Sport they report that Milan and Madrid would have already agreed to a meeting on Spanish soil.

The priority objective of the Italian team for the next season is Dani Ceballos. The midfielder has been in the showcase during the European sub21 and despite not being classified for the next round and having added three points of six possible, the Utrera is one of the most outstanding continental championship of the category.

Boban and Maldini not only have Ceballos on their agenda, but other Madridistas have aroused their interest. The first one is Martin Odegaard. The Norwegian midfielder has several 'brides' if, finally, Zinedine Zidane decides that it does not enter into its plans for 2019/2020. The Nordic footballer has left in his cession to Vitesse in Holland, something that has taken him to the agenda of Ajax of Amsterdam.

Martin Odegaard, in a match with Vitesse. Photo: Instagram (@ odegaard.98)

Two objectives to strengthen the center of the field. Everything has a reason. During the last years, Milan is not a shadow of that team that reigned in Europe several decades ago. A lot of time has been talked about new projects, new illusions, but the rossoneri they have always finished very far from the Juventus of Turin, Inter de Milan and company.

The third name

In addition to Odegaard and Ceballos, another player from Real Madrid is interested in Milan. This is Mariano Díaz. The Spanish-Dominican forward has been left without a place after the incorporation of the Serbian Luka Jovic. The canterano has always said he wants to continue, but the truth is that he has a very good sign.

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