<pre>The doubts left by Eriksen to sign for Real Madrid

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It is an open secret that the priority of Real Madrid facing the next season is to strengthen the center of the field. The whites have the defense and the front propped up, which means that all the efforts of the club have focused on the machine room of the new Madrid.

Zidane has put special emphasis on reinforcing the core for his new project. The technician considers capital to have a center of the field of guarantees to face a season of great challenges. At the same time, the Frenchman wants to have different and versatile options in the middle zone in order to optimize the performance of the team as a function of the rivals.

In this line, during the final stretch of the season Real Madrid combed the market with the aim of finding new midfielders for the new project. A search that ended up focusing the club's attention on three names: Pogba, Van de Beek and Eriksen. Three players of different profiles with a common goal, to take another step in their careers and succeed in a team of the highest level.

After several weeks in which the interest of Real Madrid seemed focused on Pogba and Van de Beek, the latest information suggests that the signing of Eriksen would have regained strength in Chamartín. The Danish came to be offered publicly to Real Madrid, but his figure creates many doubts within the club. In addition, the player of Tottenham is not the favorite neither of Zidane, as if it is Pogba, nor of the club, as it is Van de Beek.

In the dome of Real Madrid the baggage of Eriksen in Champions left many unknowns. Are you ready to land at the Bernabéu? Will he perform in Chamartín? Will your performance be according to your price? This type of questions had to be asked in the noble zone of the club, since there they waited for more protagonism of Eriksen the decisive parties that the Tottenham had to dispute in Europe.

The Danish player did not shine in the grand final against Liverpool. Neither did he in the semifinals. Other Tottenham players, such as Llorente or Son, took a step forward, something that was not seen in the former Ajax and that damaged his image for all Europe.

Another doubt that is generated in the club is that Eriksen would not be a highly differential player in the Real Madrid squad. The profile of the Danish game is very covered in the white set, since the club has a multitude of footballers on the payroll approaching the half point. In the end, the player of Tottenham stands out in technical skills, passing, space play and control, skills that hold, to a greater or lesser extent, players such as Isco, Asensio, Modric or Kroos, among others.

To make matters worse, the price of Eriksen is not exactly economic. One of the reasons that Van de Beek likes it so much at the top of Real Madrid, regardless of its projection, is that it is complementary to Pogba, the great goal of the club, in the financial aspect. And is that the Ajax player could cost only 50 million and would allow signing two midfielders.

In the case of Eriksen, its price would be between 70 and 100 million euros, much higher figures that must be studied meticulously by the top of Real Madrid. This makes it complicated to make an investment of such caliber on a player with many unknowns.

All you are doubting that the Danish generated around his figure have made Real Madrid have placed his signing in a third step; just as an alternative to the signings of Pogba and Van de Beek, if finally they encyst. And it is that these last two would provide the physical capacity that Zidane demands for its new center of the field.



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