Vero Boquete, Spanish footballer

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The Women's Football It has become one of the sports of the moment. The World Cup of France 2019 and all the growth during the last year have ended up putting it in a higher dimension. Projection and monitoring have increased. Now, when it comes to Spain, the icing with the arrival of the Real Madrid to Liga Iberdrola for the 2019/2020 season.

The white club will make the leap to women's football at the hand of the Heel CD. This set from Madrid got the promotion last May and will now be absorbed by the almighty Real Madrid, which will buy your place for a value that could be around half a million euros. The arrival of the merengue colossus does nothing but highlight the steps forward that are taking place in this sport.

Own Real spanish soccer federation was in charge of confirming the operation. But there are still great doubts that hover over this new project headed by Real Madrid. Will there be galactic? What impact will the Iberdrola League have on the landing of the white team? What are the objectives to take into account in the short term?

Great signings

The big question is who will be part of the Madrid team. In addition to the players of the Tacón other players begin to sound to reinforce the establishment. Among these names, the one of Vero Boquete. The Spanish currently plays in the United States, but only a few months ago she said she would be happy to play for Real Madrid if he decided to bet on a female team.

Vero Boquete, Spanish footballer


The arrival of at least one galactic would give weight to the whole merengue. But not only Vero Boquete sounds, but also has spoken of illustrious soccer players like the Brazilian Martha, who has never hidden that he throws Real Madrid and could be free next October. Beautiful Jenni, Virgina Torrecilla, Charlyn Corral or even Ada Hergerberg, the actual Golden Ball, also sound in the first pools.


El Tacón has some lower categories that still do not know if they will become part of the white club from the beginning. Real Madrid has always been able to boast of having one of the best quarries in the world, something that could also be transferred in regards to the new women's section. Training the players from the beginning, assuming the values ​​of the club and impregnating themselves with merengue DNA is one of the main characteristics of the work in Factory.

Santiago Bernabéu for special occasions and Di Stéfano as main field

The CD Tacón have played so far in the field García de la Mata, a stadium that also hosts the meetings of Adarve Union. Now the players have in Valdebebas to his new house, like the rest of the teams, of the different categories, of the club. That's where the white players will train.

Your meetings as premises will be celebrated in the Di Stéfano, As the Castile, although for special occasions Santiago Bernabeu may be the chosen scenario. Stadiums like Wanda Metropolitan, Anoeta or San Mamés They made history last season with record attendance figures.

Impact on the Iberdrola League

The Liga Iberdrola has taken a big step forward over the last few months. The follow-up has grown and even the female soccer has been more visible in the televisions, arriving to transmit live and in prime time for the first time the end of the Copa de la Reina.

Real Madrid shirt, female version

Real Madrid shirt, female version

For a long time, the leaders of Spanish football have ensured that the entry into play of Real Madrid would lead to greater follow-up. Many are those who asked for this movement and everything indicates that the forecasts will end up being fulfilled. Some previous studies suggest that the white club will be further enriched by a female section.

For the general public to see a derby between Real Madrid and the Athletic or a Classic It is always exciting. This is demonstrated in the lower male categories, as well as in basketball in the matches between the meringues and the Barcelona.

Short-term objectives

El Tacón has just ascended and his clear challenge for 2019/2020 was to stay in the First division of women's football Converted from now on in Real Madrid and with the possible arrival of some galactic, the door opens to be able to dream higher. The question is whether the white team can fight face to face with the big players, to be among the top of the table and even aspire to win the league title.

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