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Have a hole in the new Real Madrid of Zidane It is at a very high price. Not everyone has the approval of the coach to continue in his squad next season, although most players of the white team want to continue at all costs in the club.

This is the case of players like Gareth Bale, Mariano Díaz, Sergio Reguilón or Lucas Vázquez, among many others. All are on the exit ramp of Real Madrid for this summer, but none want to leave the club. Zidane has been planning his staff for his new project and is clear with who he wants to tell and who he does not.

In fact, just as some players do not have the approval of the French coach, others have won. One of the ones who has dazzled Zidane the most is Jesús Vallejo. The center, who was more out than inside the white set before the arrival of the Gaul, performed at a high level in the final stretch of the season and was one of the players who stood best from the particular casting of Zidane.

Vallejo himself has already publicly expressed his desire to continue in the club: “I am clear that I want to stay, I am very happy in the club and I feel very much loved by the fans as well as by the teammates”. However, although the French coach wants to have Vallejo at Real Madrid for the next year, the center has not secured his future in the club.

From the offices of the Santiago Bernabéu they meditate to yield to the hand so that it continues with its process of professional growth, especially before the great competition that there will be in the rear of the white set with Militao, Ramos, Varane and Nacho Fernández. If the latter left, Vallejo could have options to continue in Madrid. For this, the center continues to try to gain the confidence of Zidane and the club, and has five weapons to achieve its goal.


In recent months, Vallejo's performance has gone up a step. After a season with almost no protagonism, the central one won the opportunities that Zidane gave in the final section of the League. A performance that has made the French coach has been dazzled by their conditions.


The former Saragossa is part of the policy of young signings that has been developing Real Madrid for several years. Vallejo lands in the white set as a bet for the future of the club in the defensive plot.


At his young age, he still has a lot of room for improvement, with conditions to be a world-class powerhouse in the coming years. A condition that makes Real Madrid not want to lose sight of the center and that Zidane has you in mind for the future.


Vallejo's leadership ability is one of his great skills to conquer Real Madrid. The center is a swim leader and has extensive experience as a visible defensive head. He has done it with Spain Sub21 at European who is now disputing and with Zaragoza before reaching the capital.


Despite not having continuity with Lopetegui or Solari, since Zidane landed at Real Madrid in March, Vallejo has tried to convince him to count on him. The defender has conquered the coach with his dedication on the pitch, something that gives him options to follow.

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