The 'exit operation' of Real Madrid starts with the ceded

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There are almost two weeks left until the Real Madrid go back to rolling. A new era in the white club, again with Zidane at the controls but with many new faces, of which the majority will be able to be with the group from day one.

Real Madrid has strengthened very fast, at a dizzying speed, and has advanced much of the work of the entire summer without having even entered the month of July. Five signings that excite, but that will not be the last. With a lot of market still ahead and time before the season starts, the club and Zidane accelerate on several issues before returning to work.

The signing of a midfielder

Zinedine Zidane was very excited this week with his signings and, above all, because they can be with the group from the beginning. Hazard, Jovic, Mendy Y Rodrygo will be incorporated at the beginning of the preseason (Militao he will do it later by the Cup America). But Zidane is still waiting for one more player.

Is about Paul Pogba. The midfielder is the great desire of Zidane and the club wants to fulfill it. It is a difficult issue, since the Manchester United It has closed in band. On July 1 they return to work red devils and it will be then when the player has to say privately what he has already said in public: he wants to leave this summer.

Quick solution with Bale

Another stuck issue like the Pogba signing is the exit of Gareth Bale. Welsh is the big sale that must Real Madrid undertake this summer and, for now, the most complicated. The player is reluctant to leave and no firm offers that can convince the white club, which expects to get at least 90 million euros for him.

The ideal plan is that Bale did not have to show up on the first day of the preseason. Zidane has made it clear that he does not count on him and seeing him again dressed in Madrid would only lengthen even more the 'agony' in which his march has become. Bale is the key to reducing the wage bill so that another star can come.

The 'exit operation' of Real Madrid starts with the ceded

Exit the other sentenced

Bale is not the only one sentenced who has not found an exit and, if nothing changes, he will join the group with the return to work. It is also the case of players like Keylor Navas, Reguilón, Ceballos, Mariano or those assigned as James, Kovacic, Foreman or From Tomás. All of them may not be tested in the new Madrid, but to do so, it must be accelerated with the exit operation.

The first to leave has been Marcos Llorente to the Athletic in exchange for 40 million. The next ones could take the suitcases in the next days. The Benfica is about to close De Tomás and the Milan he became satisfied with a meeting in which the names of Ceballos, Mayoral and Odegaard on the table. For the Norwegian also bid Leverkusen Y Real society.

The hierarchy in the goal

The problem of the goal was over for Zidane at the time when it was decided that Thibaut Courtois I was going to be the headline this year. But the substitute is not defined and there are two names that will fight to be: Luca Zidane Y Andriy Lunin. The coach preferred the first, while the club opted for the Ukrainian last summer. Ideally, Zidane should tell everyone their role when they return from their vacations, since one of the two could leave on loan.

The change of Zidane's scheme: the options of his new Madrid

The change of Zidane's scheme: the options of his new Madrid

The drawing of the new Madrid

Zidane rests from his deserved vacation, but in his head round an idea that will be crucial next season: what scheme will play the new Madrid? The new faces (and those that are coming, see Pogba) invite you to think about a change of drawing, leaving behind the 4-3-3. The 4-2-3-1 or the 4-2-4 are alternatives that Zidane shuffles to put them into practice when the team returns.

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