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Summer has not yet begun and the Real Madrid He has already announced several signings for next season. Hazard, Jovic, Militao, Mendy and Rodrygo They have already gone through the Bernabéu's box of honor to pose with the white shirt for next season. A total of 253 million euros to renew the workforce.

With almost all the needs of the team almost covered, in the absence of midfield, Real Madrid should start thinking about the 'exit operation' to finance the new Zidane project. Marcos Llorente has been the footballer who has opened the ban that can unclog the drop of players in the payroll merengue.

To output the white overbooking that they treasure Florentino Pérez Y Zidane In Chamartín, the Italian market becomes a strategic point for Real Madrid's aspirations. And is that the Serie A is the championship that has shown more interest by the players of the white set for the summer window of signings.

From Naples to Juventus, passing by the two big ones in Milan. Italian giants want to prop up or renew their projects and are aware that the experience of players who have been part of Madrid can be transcendental to raise the level of their staff.


The celestial team is one of the teams that has made the most emphasis on signing at Real Madrid. His current coach, Carlo Ancelotti, knows the white house well after his stage in which he won 'La Décima', which has made him focus his focus on players like Ceballos and Theo, who are on the exit ramp.

However, the signing that Ancelotti wants for Napoli is James Rodríguez. The Italian had at his command the Colombian in Concha Espina and wants to return to enjoy his best version in Italy. The transaction could be closed around an assignment with purchase option.


Set rossonero he wants to recover the golden past that I had in the past. For this the dome of the club led by Boban and Maldini want to renew the staff with quality players, something that has made them fix their eyes on Mariano Diaz, Martin Odegaard and Dani Ceballos.

The interest of the Milan in this short list of white soccer players would be oriented to the need to prop up the offensive plot rossonera. In fact, Sky Italy he recently pointed out that a Milanese delegation would be in Madrid to negotiate with the whites.


With the dream of raising the Champions League between eyebrows, and seeing that last summer the arrival of Cristiano del Madrid was a sure value, the Bianconeros want to go back to fishing in Concha Espina. This time they do not look for a galactic signing, but players that prop up their template.

James, Ceballos, Isco and Marcelo would be on the agenda of Juve. The first three are for sale and Zidane would agree to his exits, but the technician does want to have the Brazilian captain for his new project.

Inter de Milan

The Inter managed to certify its second consecutive participation in Champions after six years outside the maximum competition. Now, with the team stabilized, the goal is to try to recover the status achieved many years ago and return success to the club.

For this the neroazzurra directive wants to recover Mateo Kovacic, former interim player, in addition to Lucas Vázquez, Nacho Fernández and Marcelo. An interest that Madrid could take to make cash with the first two, who are totally immersed in the exit ramp.

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