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June 13, 2019. 'Day H'. Presentation of Eden Hazard at Santiago Bernabeu as a new player Real Madrid, after his signing for the white club was announced last Friday. Medical examination, signing of the contract, putting in place, meeting with the fans and press conference. A frantic day in which the player has made clear what will be your road map. A script in the form of wishes for this adventure that begins for him. A dream I had since I was a child.

Enjoy him and the hobby

“Enjoy the game and win games, when you play at Real Madrid you want to win trophies, you have to try to win as much as possible”, was the first wish that the player expressed in his presentation. In Stamford Bridge he became an idol for the fans and now he wants to repeat with the merengue fans, something that will not be complicated, since in his first time in the white temple he has raised passions.

Mark a before and after

“Now was the time to mark a before and after and I come to the best team in the world,” Hazard told the media. The Belgian player lands at the Santiago Bernabéu as one of the best footballers in the world, even some already put him at the height of Cristiano Ronaldo Y Lionel Messi.

Best player of the world

“I'm going to try to be the best player in the world,” the international said. Belgium. Real Madrid is a step forward in the career of the genius of La Louvière. With 28 years, the footballer believes that he is at his best, in full football maturity and aims that until at least 32 years can remain in the elite.

Win many titles

“I also want to win as much as possible at Real Madrid,” the former said. Chelsea or Lille. Better of the world yes, but in the Real Madrid and, of course, as long as this goes of the hand of being able to raise many trophies in this new stage that opens for him.

Show a lot to the fans

“I want to show you a lot with this shirt from Real Madrid”, was the message he dedicated to Real Madrid during his 'baptism' in the press room of the Santiago Bernabéu. Everyone knows what a great footballer he is, but also many others came with the star label or even with a Golden Ball under his arm and ended up being shipwrecked. But that will not be your case.

Become galactic

“I'm not, not yet, I hope to be one day, everything I've done in the past will be a clean slate and I'm a very good player,” said Eden Hazard. And with it begins the 'third galactic era' of Florentino Pérez. Although, always modest, the Belgian preferred to say that he must still demonstrate more to be considered a Galactic.

Golden Ball?

“What I can say is that this year the Golden Ball is in Madrid with Modric, I do not know if it will be easier, it all depends on how we play, I do not focus on the Golden Ball, I only care about the collective. is to win titles, “said the footballer. Hazard wanted to make it very clear that for him collective titles prevail before individual awards. What is certain is that he has fallen on his feet at Real Madrid.

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