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The Real Madrid will not throw in the towel with the signing of Paul Pogba. The white club knows that it is a complicated operation and that, above all, it can be extended in time if the Manchester United it does not change the position that has been shown so far. The red devils they have blocked the exit of their big star, insisting that they want him to be their pillar in the new project with Solskjaer at the controls.

Pogba, however, is clear that he wants to leave Manchester United. He is not convinced by the premise of being the star of the team, or that they want to double the salary. The Frenchman thinks it is time to face “new challenges” and is determined to end his second stage in the English city, which has not gone as expected. He has already shown his desire to leave this summer in public, but it seems that it has not been enough.

Pogba will sit down to talk to United

On July 1, Pogba is cited with his teammates to join the preseason of Manchester United. The Frenchman wanted to solve his future before that, but it seems very difficult to sign his departure in the coming days. If the position of United does not change, Pogba will have to sit down with the club and transmit to him in private that he wants to go. You will have to force your way, something that in England They do not believe that I will have any qualms about doing.

Paul Pogba and Rashford at Manchester United


Pogba must force his exit, but he will also have to press to go to Real Madrid, his main wish. The French midfielder wants to wear white and be at the orders of Zinedine Zidane, who pushes for Pogba to be his sixth reinforcement for next season. The white club would scratch his pocket, but the 150 million euros that United would ask seem excessive in the White House.

Solskjaer considers selling to sign

That United, for now, refuses to sell its star, does not mean that it ends up allowing its exit. In fact, Daily Star reported this Friday that Solskjaer would welcome his sale, if the money entered is used for other signings. The Manchester club alone would have given the Norwegian coach 100 million pounds to reinforce the team, so Pogba's withdrawal would allow him to take on more signings in the club. Old Trafford.

Solskjaer would want to sell Pogba to the highest bidder. This would leave only two planes to be able to see the French dress in white: that Real Madrid made a brutal economic effort for his signing or that the player forced his march to Madrid. The Juventus (an option that Pogba does not do either) and the PSG they will enter the bidding and they will make an already millionaire operation more expensive. Madrid has one trick and it would be the inclusion of a player like Bale in the operation, even at a reduced value. The Welsh like in Manchester and Madrid wants to give way to his high salary. But before sitting down to negotiate, Pogba must communicate that he only plans to leave.

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