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The plans set out in the road map of Real Madrid are being fulfilled. New signings in Concha Espina do not stop happening. The offices of the Santiago Bernabéu are reflecting their work of recent months with numerous additions to the staff of Zinedine Zidane. Although for the project to be successful in sports, there are many pieces that must fit into the team.

Transfer, quality, sacrifice, fortune, work … are some of the ingredients to be successful in the world of football, but leadership is one of the pillars that should be present in any sports project. In the case of Real Madrid, this figure has been almost monopolized by Cristiano Ronaldo in recent years, although now he is looking for other hands.

The Portuguese star has focused on his figure the status of leader, both sporting and extra-sports, in Real Madrid. Since landing in 2009 until he left in 2018, Cristiano has been the white king on and off the field. Marketing, sports performance and charisma are key attributes for any footballer who wants to occupy this throne in a transatlantic like Real Madrid.

In July of last year Cristiano abdicated on the throne and said goodbye to the Santiago Bernabéu, leaving the orphan crown for the first time absolute leader of the white project. A witness who picked up Sergio Ramos, in his condition of veteran captain of Real Madrid. But now, a year later, the Andalusian center will taste for the first time what it is to lead a totally new macro sport project. As Ronaldo already did in 2009.

The transition season is over and Real Madrid has been put in place to shore up Zidane's squad. But above all, it has closed the signing of a leader. When Florentino and Ramos fixed their differences and the captain ratified their continuity, both parties won. The club earned a born leader for its new project and the central one the possibility of exercising its leadership in a major challenge.

The ability of Ramos to inject trust, confidence and commitment to his colleagues is an important tool for Zidane to achieve the success he is looking for with his new project. The leadership of the camero is an important factor that all equipment needs, in addition the new signings must be integrated in the group and Ramos becomes like an important figure in this aspect.

To fulfill this mission, Ramos has been forged in this figure for years. His leadership is not only extra-sports, but in the field of play he also wins games like Cristiano, Raúl, Casillas or Butragueño. La Décima was his most recognized achievement, with a header over the Lisbon sky that was burned into the fire for the history of Real Madrid.

Now, Ramos has before him a unique opportunity that he should know how to take advantage of. He does not have colleagues who eclipse him in this area. No one can take you away from the focus. The captain will only share leadership with his coach, with Zidane from the bench. The Frenchman will be the tactical commander and Ramos the psychic. Two different roles, but keys on the road to success.

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